Canon Unveils New Printers with New Connectivity Features
Canon’s latest PIXMA all-in- one printers inject style and elegance to modern homes and home offices with breath-taking new colours and connectivity features.

The new Canon PIXMA TS9170 showcases a first-ever two-tone, champagne gold and black design, while the PIXMA TS8170 series adds more than a touch of style with wraparound black, red, white options.

With mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 technology, users can stay always-connected to their printers, receiving useful alerts such as low-ink notifications even before printing begins.

Beyond the obvious good looks, the new Message in Print app i reinvents the way we remember favourite moments of friends and family, by embedding hidden messages inside photos for unexpected surprises.

The new PIXMA printers deliver enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which makes it easier for customers to stay updated on the status and condition of their printer.

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