Alif Satar - Guest Star in special Ben 10 episode this June
Cartoon Network (Astro Ch. 616) is all set to thrill Ben 10 fans in Malaysia with brand new episodes this month.

From Saturday, 10 June, viewers can enjoy an action-packed morning with Ben Tennyson, Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen.

Together, with the help of Ben’s Omnitrix watch and his 10 aliens, they go on a cross-country adventure getting into all kinds of super- powered mischief.

Alif Satar – Guest Star in special Ben 10 episode this June

To celebrate, Cartoon Network has partnered with Malaysia’s multi-talented singer and host Alif Satar, who will guest star as the overly excited and obnoxious villain, Tim Buktu.

In this special episode, Ben must transform into an alien to save the Hoover Dam from disaster. However, he continues to get distracted by boisterous tough guy Tim Buktu who swoops in to "help" him.

Though he’s always dreamed of becoming a hero, his actions always seem to backfire! The episode airs at 9am on Saturday, 17 June.

This is not the first time that Cartoon Network has injected a dose of local talent into its key properties.

Last year, the network worked with multi-award- winning singer Shila Amzah to sing the theme song of reimagined series, The Powerpuff Girls.

Previously, Cartoon Network also collaborated with Nabil Ahmad, Malaysia’s very own king of comedy to voice an episode of Uncle Grandpa, a hilarious animated comedy series also produced by the network.

Be sure to tune-in to the special episode of Ben 10 at 9am on Saturday, 17 June, only on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch. 616). New episodes will air on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 9am.

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