Want to win some money? From July 25 till 5 August (MIX fm) and 12 August (hitz & LiteFM), you stand a chance to win cash prizes just by listening to hitz fm, MIX fm and LiteFM from Monday to Friday.

Read my Lips on hitz

Hitz, MIX and LiteFM Giving Out RM75,000
Tune in to hitz fm as they give away RM30,000 in the ‘Read my Lips on hitz’ contest. Check out 5 muted music videos recorded by hitz fm announcers daily on to hitz fm’s Facebook page.

Then be the first caller through after the cue to call and need to guess the original artist and song of the video that was posted during that hour. Each correct guess will be rewarded with RM 400 cash.

Meanwhile, hitz fm Sarawak and hitz fm Sabah are also giving away RM24,000 respectively in the ‘Read my Lips on hitz’ contest, which will feature 4 muted music video.

MIX FM’s What’s the Rap

Hitz, MIX and LiteFM Giving Out RM75,000
Aishah, from the MIX Breakfast crew is popular for her rapping of favourite songs from the 90’s.

MIX fm will giving away RM20,000 to listeners who successfully guess the artist and song title in the ‘What’s the Rap’ contest.

To participate, all you have to do is be the first caller through when you hear the cue to call, and the announcer will play a snippet of Aishah’s Rap, where you need to guess the artist and song title within to win RM400 cash.

Who’s Saying Relaxing Favorites on LiteFM

Hitz, MIX and LiteFM Giving Out RM75,000
Meanwhile, LiteFM is giving away RM25,000 in cash in its ‘Who’s Saying Relaxing Favorites on LiteFM’ contest.

A snippet of 2 local celebrities saying ‘Relaxing’ and ‘Favorites' will be played and all you need to do is call in and identify the celebrities.

First five listeners who guess the correct answer will win total cash prize of RM5000. To make it easier for you to guess, you can listen to clues by Lite Breakfast announcers Steve and Shaz or check out the station’s Facebook page.

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