Life Inspired Original Travel Series - Love Ventures & Tokyo
This all-new Life Inspired Original travel series LOVE VENTURES & TOKYO will bring Hong Kong TV personalities Anthony Sandstrom and Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom to metropolitan Tokyo.

The two-episode series centres around the highly adventurous couple as they venture down the less travelled roads of Tokyo, to idyllic destinations near and far.

The Sandstroms embark on their unadulterated getaway from the bustling city centre to uncover Tokyo’s best-kept secrets.

Love Ventures & TokyoFilmed exclusively within the Tokyo Metropolis, this travel and lifestyle series unfolds against the region’s numerous postcard-worthy backdrops – from the vast green mountain ranges of Okutama, to the cerulean tones of the ocean surrounding Izu Oshima and Ogasawara Islands.

Highlights from the couple’s escapades in Okutama include canyoning waterfalls, harvesting fresh wasabi, and relaxing in a traditional Japanese onsen (hot spring bath).

Atop the sacred Mt. Mitake, Anthony and Jocelyn learn Shinto ceremonial rituals and taste sake made with fresh Tama River water at the Sawanoi Sake Brewery.

The couple kicks off the latter half of their journey with a two-hour high-speed jet boat to the volcanic island of Izu Oshima, where they try their hands at cold-pressing Tsubaki (camellia) oil using traditional methods and trek the black sand dunes of Mt. Mihara.

A 24-hour ferry ride to Ogasawara Islands, a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts rare flora and fauna, concludes the final leg of the adventure.

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