Mamee Chef Gold Recipe - Kari Seribu Rasa
Latest addition in Mamee Chef family, which is Mamee Chef Gold Recipe.

Mamee Chef Gold Recipe – Kari Seribu Rasa is an original recipe created in-collaboration with top celebrity chef, Dato’ Chef Ismail using the finest ingredients, including fresh herbs & spices.

One of the highlights is the Pes Sambal Istimewa Chef Ismail (Gold Recipe), which gives a rich, creamy and flavorful soup that’s like no other.

The Mamee Chef Gold Recipe is giving you more than what you expect from an instant noodle.

They are currently giving out 1,000 limited edition Mamee Chef Gold Recipe trial packs for everyone to savour! To receive this free trial pack, please visit this Facebook link here and we will send it to your doorsteps.

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