OPPO F7 Hit Malaysian Shore on 19th April 2018!
OPPO F7 is expected to hit the Malaysian shore on 19th April 2018.

With the recent announcement of the fresh and new collaboration with Taiwanese singer, Hebe Tien and famous Malaysian celebrity, Neelofa, the company is excited to see how the selfie trendsetters can enhance the company’s overall image and reach out to a broader of young potential fans.

Being a famous and beautiful singer from Taiwan, Hebe Tien (田馥甄)is joining the OPPO Malaysia celebrity team for OPPO Malaysia’s latest product.

Needless to say, her positive personality and image presentation can significantly contribute to the brand image and reach out to a broader consumer and fan base.

Neelofa OPPO F7 25MP

Furthermore, the company is also pleased to announce that the well-known Malaysian celebrity, Neelofa will be joining OPPO once again – this time as the fact for the OPPO F7. With Neelofa’s popularity and strong fan base, she can definitely bring good vibes to the OPPO brand.

On a side note, OPPO is the first smartphone brand that brings the leading A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology into camera smartphones.

The company believe that selfies that taken by OPPO camera phone should not only provide beautification, but also giving unique personalized beautification effects in order to present the real-est side of selfie-lovers.

With that in mind, the all-new “Selfie Expert and Leader” model, OPPO F7 has received an extraordinary impressive upgrade in its camera.

Featuring 25MP for the front camera that coupled with the second generation of A.I. Beauty Recognition 2.0, users can capture more natural and realer selfie with merely a single touch.

Stay tuned on OPPO Official Facebook Page for more information.

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