Starbucks Introduces Spring Beverage With LayersStarbucks welcomes the season of Spring as it unveils two new beautifully layered coffee beverages featuring unique fusions of Signature Espresso and unexpected ingredients of butterfly pea flower tea and macadamia nut.

The arrival of new artistic handcrafted beverages Starbucks® Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino, Starbucks® Iced Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew, and returning favorite, Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato are sure to enchant your taste buds this season.

With handpicked quality ingredients, Starbucks’ new lunch menu such as Baked Turmeric Chicken Sandwich and Wholemeal Spicy Chicken Floss & Cheese Sandwich are also perfect for pairing with the refreshing Starbucks beverages for a mid-afternoon energy boost.

Dedicated to all coffee lovers, Starbucks® Spring Season Blend consisting of whole bean and VIA™ Ready Brew are available for customers as they celebrate a time of year marked by new beginnings and renewal. For customers who seek complex herbal notes, Starbucks® Papua New Guinea Highlands whole bean will be an ideal choice for a flavorful experience in a cup.

This year, presentation of the fleeting beauty of Japanese Sakura also can be found in Starbucks’ new limited-edition merchandise collection. The merchandise honors the excitement of the cherry blossom season with different design elements inspired by the cherry blossom night viewing tradition and the blushing cherry blossom.

The handcrafted Starbucks® Macadamia Cocoa Cappuccino and Starbucks® Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato are priced at RM 17.50 onwards, while the Starbucks® Iced Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew is priced at RM 15.00 onwards. All the Spring offerings will be available at all stores starting from 2 March 2018, while stock last.

For more information, please visit Starbucks Malaysia website at

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