WeChat Malaysia - Brand New WeReward Campaign
WeChat Malaysia collaborates with local brands Huawei, Chatime, Grabtaxi, MRuncit and Zalora to provide exclusive rewards to loyal WeChat users in Malaysia.

WeChat, the world’s fastest growing social application is launching its WeReward campaign for the first time in Malaysia.

The campaign will be running from 25 March to 25 April, where WeChat Malaysia will be collaborating with local brands such as Huawei, Chatime, Grabtaxi, MCash and Zalora.

The aim of the campaign is to reward loyal fans that uses the application with WeChat points, which can be used to redeem vouchers for products and services WeChat users in Malaysia are required to make a video or voice call of at least 60 seconds a day to earn 3 WeChat points, the most points that they can earn a day.

The reward points can be accumulated where it can be used to redeem a list of vouchers from the list below:


  • Power bank: Get 1 unit of Ultra-Thin Power-Bank (4,800mAh) (any color) with every Honor 6 purchase. (50,000 units)
  • RM30 Cash voucher: Enjoy RM30 rebate with any purchase of Honor devices (not including accessories) at Vmall.my. (300,000 vouchers)


  • Purchase any Chatime Cendol-Latea at 15% discount. (Unlimited)


  • Receive a 10% discount code to purchase mobile phone, PC accessories, anime merchandise, toys or fashion items! (Unlimited)


  • Receive a promo code to get RM10 off your next 3 MyTeksi rides.(Unlimited)


  • Enjoy RM50 off storewide with a minimum spend of RM75.(200,000 vouchers)

WeChat Malaysia has one of the largest user base in the Southeast Asia region, and we are constantly seeking ways to engage our active users in Malaysia.

We continue to find ways to enrich content and activities with WeChat in the nation and the launch of the WeReward campaign is a showcase of our effort in this area,

said Louis Song, Country Manager, WeChat Malaysia.

To check your WeChat Points balance, enter the WeReward My Balance page to view the remaining points and the available vouchers to redeem. Users can also access the My Vouchers Page to view the available vouchers that they have.

For more information on WeReward, check out WeChat Malaysia’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/wechatmalaysia.

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