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11street’s First Ever Short Film Wins Malaysian YouTube Ad Awards 2016

He said it with gusto – Whatever It Takes – even when thrusted in the deepest ends of the jungle, in search for ‘King Coffee’.

11street’s first ever short film, starring its brand ambassadors Zizan Razak and Elizabeth Tan, recently won the ‘Top Ad in Retail’ at the inaugural YouTube Malaysia Ads Awards 2016.

11street’s Short Film Wins Malaysian YouTube Ad Awards 2016

Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street said: “The ‘Whatever It Takes’ short film personifies the very elements that set 11street apart from other online marketplaces out there, and also reiterates our commitment to add value and convenience to our shoppers.

Above all, it highlights our dedication of going the extra mile to bring everything they love onto our platform.

As such, it is truly an honour to have won the ‘Top Ad in Retail’ award, and be recognised by industry experts and our shoppers for being a key player in the e-commerce sphere.

The award is a momentous accolade that will spur us to work harder and come up with more interesting content and ideas for sharing with our supporters.

To date, 11street’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ short film & full video have garnered over 8.1 million views on YouTube, which is the world’s most famous video-sharing website.

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