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1st Garena Undawn All Star, From 20 to 28 January.

1st Garena Undawn All Star

Garena has announced its first-ever cross-server tournament for Undawn, titled Undawn All Star, which will be held from 20 to 28 January.

Through a competitive multiregional stage, Garena aims to foster healthy competition among players from diverse servers, as well as build camaraderie within squads of the same market.

A total of sixteen squads will participate in Undawn All Star — 2 squads from the servers of Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, 4 each from Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines and Thailand, as well as 6 squads from Indonesia.

Each market will carry out qualifiers to identify and nominate the top squads per server.

The top 4 squads from Undawn PRO’s recent Raven Championship will be invited to represent Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Undawn All Star comprises 3 phases: Group Stage, Semi Finals, and Grand Final

Contestants will compete on a Special Server using accounts that come with standardised stats and capital.

The tournament will kick off with the All Star Playoff League – Group Stage from 20 to 21 January. The sixteen squads will be divided into four groups, where contestants will compete within their groups.

The two squads with the highest points from each group will then proceed to the next round.

In the Semi Finals on 27 January, eight squads will play in randomised brackets. Squads that lose their first match will get another chance to compete in the lower bracket, while winners will directly proceed to the winner bracket the next day.

The final four squads will then compete in the Grand Final on 28 January.

Fans and players can stay tuned to a live bracket draw show on 16 January, which will determine the Group Stage lineup.

Garena Undawn is now available on the App Store and Google Play in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Check

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