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Astro Originals Presents Gamers Mangkuk Based on eSport Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Astro Originals presents ‘Gamers Mangkuk’, Astro Shaw’s maiden foray into the e-gaming phenomenon, in collaboration with MOONTON Games.

This comedy series tells the story of Tam, Napi, Lee, Maya and Theeban; five ardent gamers who embroil themselves in a competition of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia (MPL MY) to be crowned as the next generation of the country’s professional esports athletes.

‘Gamers Mangkuk’ will be aired on 1 December, every Friday at 9 p.m. on Astro Premiere (Ch 410) or streamed as early as 12 midnight via On Demand and Astro GO on the same day.

Directed by Hyrul Anuar, a young director with an extensive experience in film and advertisement as well as written by Sham Hashim, Bainun Waheeda and Haris M. Nor, this marks Astro Shaw’s first esports series that stars a diverse star-studded cast including Amir Ahnaf (Tam), Taufik Izmir (Napi), Nick Davis (Lee), Sara Mack Lubis (Maya) and Sathisvaran (Theeban) as the leads.

Gamers Mangkuk Cast

The series is also supported by the industry’s other great acting talents including Amelia Christie (Vie), Josiah Hogan (Slayer), Nadia Brian (Aleya), Taqim Zaki (Abang Long), Khatijah Tan (Hajah Munah), Louisa Chong (June) and Puteri Qaseh (Madness).

‘Gamers Mangkuk’ is an 8-episode series that depicts the life of amateur esports players paving their way through the ranks of the best players via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with the sponsorship of Mangkuk Hajah Munah.

Named after their sponsor, Gamers Mangkuk receive an invitation of a lifetime from the country’s renown and famous e-player and streamer, Slayer to compete in a prestigious competition as the winner will earn their place amongst the best professional players in Team Perang, which is also the national champion.

Despite the effort, the team was deceived by the promises made by the organiser who has a different agenda all together. They were only eying for the attention of the spectators and sponsors by organising a rigged competition.

Winners of the tournament were predetermined prior to Gamers Mangkuk entering the competition. Felt duped by the organiser, Gamers Mangkuk challenges Team Perang to a duel, which will be aired LIVE in front of an audience. Can they attain supremacy as the new esports champs? All will be revealed at the end of the series.

Gamers Mangkuk Slayer

Gamers Mangkuk Amir Ahnaf

Gamers Mangkuk Sara Mack Lubis

Gamers Mangkuk 1st Episode

‘Gamers Mangkuk’ depicts the essence of friendship and sacrifices that need to be done in achieving the ultimate mission of an esports tournament.

Living by the aphorism, ‘Life Is A Game, Play It’, all team members give their all as they face upheaval and challenges whilst attaining the height of an esports player.

‘Gamers Mangkuk’ is sponsored by MOONTON Games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and MPL MY. Astro customers can watch the latest ‘Gamers Mangkuk’ episodes every Friday at 9 p.m. on Astro Premiere (Ch 410) or stream as early as 12 midnight via On Demand and Astro GO on the same day.

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