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AXA AFFIN Rewards Healthy Lifestyle with Upgraded Step It Up+


With the desire to motivate Malaysians to take charge of their wellness and to keep to their goals, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance stepped up a notch with Step It Up+.

Its the first-in-the-market transformational wellness programme complete with two campaigns to appeal to a wider group of Malaysians – those who are taking proactive measures to lead a healthier lifestyle and those facing common health risks such as being overweight, or having high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure or high blood sugar.

The Fitter Me campaign motivates customers to meet their desired fitness goal by increasing their step count.

Customers can set one of two personal fitness goals to achieve either 6,000 steps or 10,000 steps on an average daily basis. Once they achieve their fitness goal, they will receive cashback of up to 24% on their first year annual premium.

They can also receive an additional special kick-start reward of up to RM100, to be paid one-off, if they achieve their desired fitness goal consecutively for the first two months from the policy effective date.

Steps will be tracked via the BookDoc app and customers will be able to enjoy other rewards and benefits offered by BookDoc such as discounts on gym membership, wearable fitness devices, fitness apparel, healthy food, health screening, movies and others.

The Better Me campaign is a structured programme to help those who are overweight, or have been identified as having high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure and high blood sugar to improve their health.

AXA AFFIN offer dedicated online health coach

Partnering with Naluri, AXA AFFIN will offer customers a dedicated online health coach for nine months free-of-charge and a bluetooth weighing scale to monitor their progress.

Customers will have to check-in with the professionals once every three months based on goals set for them to improve their weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood
sugar levels.

On achieving the health milestones, customers can look forward to a maximum cashback of up to RM600.

The Fitter Me and Better Me campaigns are open to new applications of the AXA AFFIN Wealth Series Plan from now until 30 June 2019.

For more information on Step It Up+, visit or contact your nearest AXA AFFIN Life agent.

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