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Brother Unveils 15 Innovative Multi-Function Printers

Brother Unveils 15 Innovative Multi-Function Printers

Brother, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of technologies in the printing and communication industries, announced the launch of its 15 latest multi-function printers in Malaysia.

Innovated with enterprises, small businesses and creative professionals in mind, the line-up features new printers including the DCP-L2640DW from the Monochrome Laser 2000 series, MFC-L6915DW from the Monochrome Laser 5000 and 6000 series, DCP-L3560CDW from the Colour LED 3000 and 8000 series as well as the MFC-L9630CDN from the Colour Laser 9000 series.

Unmatched Productivity, Versatility & Durability with DCP-L2640DW

brother DCP-L2640DW Printer

The Monochrome Laser 2000 Series is a revolutionary line of Multi-Function Centres (MFC) designed to support enterprises and Small Office/ Home Office with one machine.

Built to deliver productivity, versatility and durability, the DCP-L2640DW boasts swift printing speeds of up to 34 pages per minute and rapid warm-up for the first page-out in less than 8.5 seconds. Experience enhanced efficiency with its automatic duplex printing feature, doubling prints while halving paper usage with affordable pricing.

This MFC further prioritises sustainability by optimising printing resolution for less toner reloads. With the DCP-L2640DW, users can achieve on-the-go printing, scanning and copying, coupled with real-time toner level monitoring through the Brother Mobile Connect App.

The latest additions to the Monochrome 2000 series also include MFC-L2885DW, MFC-L2805DW, HL-L2460DW and HL-L2460DN.

Experience Unrivalled Efficiency and Reliability with MFC-L6915DW

brother MFC-L6915DW printer

Engineered to optimise business efficiency within your enterprise, the MFC-L6915DW from the Monochrome Laser 5000 and 6000 series incorporates advanced printing, scanning, copying and faxing capabilities, offering users a unified solution to streamline workflow processes.

Enhance productivity significantly with Brother’s proprietary technology, the MFC features a rapid print speed of up to 50 pages per minute and supports high-volume business printing with a variety of toner sizes. First Print Out Time of under 6.7 seconds and the convenience of an Auto Document Feeder that supports up to 80 sheets.

The MFC-L6915DW is equipped with Setting Lock, Secure Print, Secure Print+ and Cloud Secure Print features to safeguard your business both online and offline. This MFC is highly versatile and reliable with a machine lifespan of up to 600,000 pages. The custom user interface allows workflow integration or feature modification to meet the needs of your business.

The latest updates to the Monochrome Laser 5000 and 6000 series include MFC-L5915DW, DCP-L5510DN, HL-L6415DW and HL-L5210DN.

Unleash True to Life Colour Solutions with Colour LED MFC DCP-L3560CDW

brother DCP-L3560CDW printer

Experience professional-grade printing, copying and scanning in vivid full details, just as your vision sees it through the DCP-L3560CDW from the Colour LED 3000 and 8000 series.

Ideal for creative businesses, professionals and small enterprises, the all-new DCP-L3560CDW is designed to support colour printing at an affordable price point with the leading LED technology, contributing to cost savings and minimising paper wastage over an extended period.

Achieve fast and on-demand prints, whether in colour or monochrome, this colour LED multi-functional printer offers impressive speeds of up to 30 pages per minute for A4 documents. Compact in size, the MFC ensures easy and flexible placement.

The Colour LED 3000 and 8000 series have been expanded with the introduction of MFC-L8340CDW, MFC-L3760CDW and HL-L3240CDW.

Developed for Business, Redefined by You with MFC-L9630CDN

brother MFC-L9630CDN Printer

Developed with the understanding of the dynamic requirements of your business, from growing small businesses to enterprise level demands, the MFC-L9630CDN from the Colour Laser 9000 series combines scalability with reliability and security.

The MFC delivers automatic 2-sided colour and monochrome printing of up to 40 pages per minute with exceptionally vivid and crisp print quality as well as supports automatic double-sided scanning.

The MFC-L9630CDN also presents a comprehensive suite of hardware and software security applications, such as Secure Function Lock 3.0, IP Security (IPSec) encryption, Secure Print, Cloud Secure Print, among others, ensures end-to-end protection and privacy, safeguarding your business interest.

This heavy-duty printer is designed with modular features to effortlessly accommodate your growing business demands. It provides tailored solutions such as add-on tower trays that manage high-volume print jobs of up to 2,080 sheets of assorted papers and the option to upgrade to a WiFi module for wireless printing.

In addition, short-cut customisation is right at your fingertips on the 7-inch intuitive colour screen for optimised efficiency.

Brother’s printers are designed and built with sustainability, reliability and durability in mind, allowing users to play a part in environmental conservation without compromising on quality and efficiency.

This enduring dedication towards design excellence, innovation and environmental responsibility has garnered notable acclaim with Brother receiving prestigious awards, including iF Design Award, Good Design Award, BLI Pick Awards from Key Intelligence, etc. Brother ensures quality with warranty coverage of up to three years for its printers.

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