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DreamNote’s “Hakuna Matata” Make a Trend in South America

DreamNote Hakuna Matata

DreamNote Hakuna Matata
Rookie KPOP girl group DreamNote new single “Hakuna Matata” had become a hit after their carry out a global cover dance challenge campaign “DreamNote Challenge” through one of the global KPOP video community.

Thousand of videos from 56 countries have been produced and uploaded showing the popularity of KPOP cover dances, especially in South America “Hakuna Matata” had make a trend due to the high dance coverage rate in Brazil, Chile etc.

The “Hakuna Matata” video guide that release has been showing DreamNote Teengle (Teen + Beagle-like-Beauty) with full of the candid and lively charm of teenage girls.

This campaign has successfully brought DreamNote fever to South America KPOP fans.

韩国女团为配合新单曲《Hakuna Matata》的推出发起了“挑战DreamNote”的舞蹈视频 cover活动,线上活动一展开立即引爆了超过56个国家的网友参与并制作了超过1千多

《Hakuba Matata》的指导视频中充分体现了DreamNote的Teengle美 (Teen +比格美),展现了新一代美少女充满活力,活泼生动的气质。其中在kpop人气较高的国家 DreamNote作为KPOP新人组合拥有很高的cover率,尤其在巴西,智利等南美洲地区拥 有超高的人气,对于DreamNote日后的发展非常值得期待。

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