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Dutch Lady Malaysia Share Nutrition & Nurturing Guidance

Dutch Lady Malaysia Share Nutrition & Nurturing Guidance

Dutch Lady Malaysia calls for local mothers to work hand in hand with nutrition to support children’s development.

Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA gathered a paediatric expert and local mothers, including TV host, actress and new mom, Scha Alyahya to discuss the importance of mother’s nurturing guidance and tailored nutrition to support a child’s overall development from 1 to over 6 years old.

Titled Dutch Lady & Mom, Step by Step Together, the event highlighted through interactive activities how mothers can correspond their guidance to the various developmental milestones and nutritional needs of their children to help them optimise their learning and development.

Scha Alyahya who spends most of her time off-work with her 2-year- old daughter, Lara, could not agree more with Dr. Yong Junina’s advice.

Besides giving Lara Dutch Lady Nutri Plan CURIOUS, Scha also ensures she is with her daughter whenever she can to guide her learning as she grows.
Scha Alyahya Dutch Lady

“Lara’s nutritional needs are important for me and I am glad that Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA* has the necessary nutrients to support her progressive development and a total programme to follow through till she is at formal schooling age, which leaves me the time and energy to focus on her other developmental needs,”

“She loves colourful objects and being with her helps her express her interest to me, which in turn prompts me to explain to her things that she observes and are interested in. It’s a connection that we share.

She is going into the EXPLORE stage now and both her father and I are very excited to play and discover things together with her,”

With the ongoing Dutch Lady Nilai Bijak campaign, consumers can get free 100g with every purchase of a Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5x DHA 900g promotional pack.

Additionally, Dutch Lady Moms Club members can earn 2X Reward Points for every pack purchased and accumulate them to redeem a Dutch Lady Education Protection Plan worth RM100,000, insured by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad.

For more information on how Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA* supports a child’s developmental milestones, and Dutch Lady Nilai Bijak campaign, please go to

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