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Emperor Cinemas Now Open at R&F Mall, Johor Bahru

Emperor Cinemas Johor Bahru

Emperor Cinemas Johor Bahru
Emperor Cinemas is bringing an exciting experience for movie enthusiasts with the launch of Southeast Asia’s first luxe outlet in R&F Mall, Johor Bahru.

Paying homage to the brand, this new cinema takes pride in their unparalleled first-class service, extraordinary interior design, and exquisite Hong Kong styled menu.

Featuring 8 luxuriously-appointed cinema halls with a combined seating capacity of 745 seats, this cinema promises a cinematic experience like never before.

Emperor Cinemas, a core business under Emperor Motion Pictures, was introduced in 2015 and has spread across various cities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. With the success of its cinemas in these locations, Emperor Cinemas is proud to establish its presence in Malaysia, with the introduction of Southeast Asia’s first luxe cinema in R&F Mall, Johor Bahru.

Alex Yeung, Executive Director of Emperor Group, mentioned that the Group is delighted to introduce Emperor Cinemas in Malaysia, especially in a strategic location like the R&F Mall which caters to both the Malaysian and Singaporean moviegoers.

“I am extremely delighted that ourfirst South East Asia cinema has arrived in Malaysia. Over the recent years, the Group has been keen to expand their presence in the film and entertainment industry by taking a streamlined approach with its diversified business resources, enabling an enhanced viewing experience for audiences across the region”

Emperor Cinemas @ R&F Mall, Johor Bahru

As Emperor Cinemas focuses on providing a wholesome experience through in-depth design features when introducing a new cinema, expect unconventional interiors when you pass through the doorway at the outlet in R&F Mall.

With the wide use of suspended geometric structures across the entire two- story cinema, the overall design celebrates the various forms of imagination and the possibilities of creativity.

Breaking tradition of the customary popcorn and soda, Emperor Cinemas introduces their gourmet Hong Kong snacks with a high-end twist. With the passionate culinary team on board, movie goers can indulge in a Hong Kong styled menu and specialised drink recipes.

Emperor Cinemas has a wide spread of F&B offerings over 2 levels, each serving different types of cinematic delectables. Guests can either choose to indulge in the traditional cinematic snacks of popcorn and hotdogs at the cinema concession counter on Level 1, or satiate their taste buds with local Hong Kong food at the Monkey Cafe on Level 2 of the cinema.

The café promises audiences an experience different from the traditional cinema concession counter on Level 1 and becomes a perfect place for movie goers to hang out whilst waiting for a movie or to simply enjoy the gourmet standard food and beverages served there.

Tailor-made for movie connoisseurs who appreciate only the highest quality, the cineplex has 8 luxuriously-appointed cinema halls. There are 2 Dolby Atmos halls and 6 Dolby 7.1 halls with a combined seating capacity of 745 seats. All seats come with flexible armrests, allowing audiences to adjust according to their needs.

For the more dedicated movie fans, each cinema hall has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The SONY 4K Laser projector system, the first of its kind in Malaysia, brings advanced image quality to the screen with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance.

There are 5 ticketing kiosks and 2 box office counters available at the cinema. Emperor Cinemas is also providing the sale of e-tickets through their online platform as well as their newly launched Emperor Cinemas mobile application, where guests can manage bookings and receive the latest news all at their convenience. By booking online, customers can enjoy service fee waiver, a first in Malaysia.

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