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Galeeveurs – First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem in Malaysia

Galeeveurs - First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem in Malaysia

Galeeveurs - First Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem in Malaysia
Championing the longevity of cultural and local food, Galeeveurs Group officially announced itself recently as Malaysia’s first Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem offering specialised services for the Malaysian F&B industry, set to safeguard the soul of local food culture for future generations.

With known F&B brands such as Kim Lian Kee, Ten Years, and Sunny Cha under the group, Galeeveurs comprised of a team from varied expertise offering six services which include brand strategy and marketing, management services, a centralised production factory, F&B education, IT development and financial assistance.

Galeeveurs aims to provide the right pathway in building the next generation of F&B using the concept of an Integrated F&B Incubator Ecosystem.

In accordance with their expansion plan, to accommodate the brands under their wings Galeeveurs intends to build an incubator hub that serves not only as an incubation system, but is also in line with the Group’s direction of expanding the brand.

Thus Galeeveurs is keen and motivated to invite F&B start-ups and business owners to flourish under this platform – growing together as a team under the umbrella of Galeeveurs Group.

The hub will feature a co-working space that includes kitchen and bar facilities, showcase and launching pads, and a place for conducting workshops.

During the announcement, Galeeveurs unveiled their partnerships with various establishments which include Golden Pencil, Marks Food Solution, Andamiro, Big Hub Education, and Culturalogy that will play significant roles in building, supporting and sustaining the incubator ecosystem. Additionally, these partnerships will strengthen their expansion in targeting for more F&B brands to join them onboard by end of 2019.

“With the partnership of these fine establishments, we are confident that Galeeveurs will flourish tremendously; that will see ourselves playing a momentous role in ensuring traditional and local food will always remain within the hearts of Malaysians,” – Dato’ Henry Lee – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Galeeveurs Group.

Galeeveurs encouraged more F&B start-ups and business owners to find out more about the incubator hub along with its services by contacting the team at

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