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honor 7X Most Affordable FullView Smartphone in Malaysia

honor 7X

Honor 7X
honor Malaysia introduced its latest product in its flagship honor X-series range, the honor 7X, which delivers an unparalleled full-screen viewing experience at an extremely competitive price point of RM1,099.

Making it Malaysia’s most affordable FullView smartphone.

Honor 7XThe honor 7X is honor’s first smartphone to feature the honor FullView Display; a 5.93-inch edge-to-edge, bezelless screen design that provides remarkable display quality and achieves an extraordinary high screen-to-body ratio.

Meaning that users can enjoy striking images on a sleek, compact phone which comfortably fits into the palm of their hand.

In addition, the FullView bezel-less screen and dual-lens 16MP + 2MP rear camera with large aperture and fast focusing means that users will benefit from the phones’ DSLR-like photo quality and shooting experience at their fingertips.

Combined with a powerful octal-core Kirin 659 and graphics processing unit (GPU), the honor 7X provides an incomparable user experience at a highly competitive price.

honor is a global leading e-brand and an industry leader for providing world-class value for customer products at a highly competitive price point.

Compared to other smartphones in the same price bracket, the honor 7X leads the way in combining value with the all-important wider screen, bezel-less display and a suite of high-end features; from the premium metallic body, dual-lens camera, a long-lasting battery and unmatched durability and quality:

Stunning honor FullView Display

  • The honor 7X is equipped with an 18:9 ratio, 5.93-inch FHD+ display with 2160 X 1080 resolution, providing ultra-high definition and remarkable display quality. With its metallic chassis and perfectly rounded edges, users can experience an exceptional futuristic design.
  • The honor 7X has an 18:9 screen to allow mobile gamers to see more when in the midst of the action. Additionally, the 18:9 screen ratio is close to the 21:9 ratio used by cinemas, meaning that the screen delivers an outstandingly close to cinema-like
    experience to users.
  • The honor 7X doubles the productivity and fun with its One-key Screen Split function. From email and WhatsApp to Netflix and YouTube, multi-tasking has never been faster and easier.

Professional Photography

The dual-lens 16MP + 2MP rear camera captures people and scenes in the highest definition.

With Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and the latest algorithms, the honor 7X enables focusing in as fast as 0.18 seconds. Combined with a large aperture (F/0.95 – F/16) that gives images a DSLR-level depth of field effect, the honor 7X allows everyone to become a professional photographer.

Uncompromised Performance

The honor 7X is powered by an octal-core Kirin 659 processor at 2.36GHz and is equipped with a large 4GB RAM and EMUI5.1. This ensures superb performance when multi-tasking and gaming, and meets the needs of the most demanding apps.

A microSD card of up to 256GB can be used to increase data storage so that hundreds of TV episodes can be downloaded and stored to watch offline. Smart optimisation and file management features prevents the degradation of Android performance over time.

Long Lasting Battery life

Honor 7X

Even with the larger FullView Display, a single charge of the 3,340 mAh battery enables the honor 7X to be on the go for more than one (1) full day.

Thanks to the power saving technology and the Ultra Power Saving Mode, users can now enjoy a full season of their favorite TV series or 91 hours of music, on one charge.

The introduction of our very first and most affordable FullView phone, the honor 7X marks a solid step towards gaining a stand in the market, and we are optimistic of the brands performance here in Malaysia.

The honor 7X was designed to ensure users enjoy rich functionality with the benefits of a bezel-less phone without breaking the banks of our fans and customers,” – Zhao Zhiwei, head of honor Malaysia.

SonaOne – honor’s First Local Brand Representative

Honor 7X

In addition to this, honor Malaysia marked another first by naming SonaOne, a singer, rapper, graffiti artist, composer and publisher as its first local brand representative for the honor 7X.

At the unveiling, SonaOne performed his personally written song which was tailored exclusively for honor as a product theme song, ‘honor is Mine’. The composed lyrics reflected the true nature of honor’s trendsetting spirit and character, which is for the young at heart and for the brave.

The lyrics also took inspiration from SoneOne’s impression and attitude towards the honor brand – a young brand that has defied all obstacles and challenges to be where it is today, a global leading smartphone e-brand.

Honor 7X Flash Sale

For a limited time only, the honor 7X will be available for purchase through a flash sale for RM999 via vMall and Lazada on 18 December from 3-4pm, and made available nationwide beginning 22 December at a competitive of RM1,099.

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