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Stand Up Comedy : KUMAR Brings Laughter with Fifty50

Kumar Fifty50

Kumar Fifty50Turning 50 with nearly 30 years of experience in the limelight, Kumar will once again take a road trip around Malaysia with a nationwide tour show called ‘Kumar Fifty50’.

Primed with ALL NEW MATERIAL, Singapore’s National Icon is now ready to leave you in awe with more fits of giggles starting from 27 & 28 February 2019 in HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

One of South East Asia’s most respected performing artist,

Kumar has proven to be a multi-talented performer- entertaining millions as a comedian, TV host, actor, dancer, director and author.

Fans will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with Kumar’s greatest adventure yet – the journey to discover oneself in the mystery called life.

Kumar’s experiences and struggles come to life in a light-hearted perspective that can be told by no one else.

Jump on the roller coaster of laughter in an invaluable perception of acceptance.

Come revel as this wonderful individual takes the next step into accepting life with arms wide open (even if it isn’t quite ready yet).

Kumar Fifty50 Will Encompass Shows in 8 Major Cities in Malaysia

The tour is partnered by Enrich by Malaysia Airlines – Official Airline Loyalty Partner, will encompass shows in 8 major cities in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Langkawi, Johor, Sabah & Sarawak.

Enrich members who purchase tickets for the show will be eligible to earn Enrich Miles when making their purchase (Terms & Conditions apply).

The show in Kuala Lumpur is partnered by ANSA Hotel Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, with tickets available from 9 January 2019 (Wednesday) at 10am through ProTicket Malaysia. Tickets prices range between RM158 to RM308.

More details for the shows will be available on : or LOL Events Facebook page.

Comedian Profile : Kumar

KumarKumarason Chinnadurai (born 10 August 1968) or popularly known as Kumar,

A Singaporean Indian who has proven to be a multifaceted performer – having spent nearly three decades entertaining millions as a comedian, TV host, actor, dancer and director.

In September of 2011, Kumar released a biographical book – Kumar : From Rags To Drag.

Arguably hailed as one of South East Asia’s most iconic and respected performing artists and a brilliant stand-up comedian, Kumar’s journey started in the early 1990’s at now-defunct comedy and dance club, The Boom Boom Room.

In a time when people barely dared to speak about queer issues or politics, Kumar cracked the most outrageous jokes about sex, race and government; in between sets of lip-syncing and dance routines.

Overtime, Kumar has become a household name, familiar to, and beloved, by all.

Many have categorized Kumar as a diva and star performer without considering the intelligence that’s behind the comedic routine and wisdom, that has been cultivated over the years to negotiate censorship and conservatism in South East Asia.

Audiences have reviewed that one could watch Kumar a thousand times, and still walk away feeling like their money and time was well spent bowling over with laughter.

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