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Malaysia’s Premier Rugby Club Hosts the 50th COBRA 10s

50th COBRA 10s

COBRA Rugby Club, Malaysia’s premier rugby club in Malaysia, announced that it would host the 50th COBRA 10s 2023 on 11th and 12th November at the Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya.

Darryll Sinnappa, COBRA President said,

“In line with our objective of promoting rugby, especially Rugby 10s, we are proud to host the 50th COBRA 10s.”

COBRA was established on 8th June 1967. Initially comprising local rugby players, who could not join the few social clubs in existence then, COBRA has grown to become a rugby powerhouse and household name.

Being the introducer of the rugby 10s, it also hosts the annual COBRA Rugby 10s which is a much sought after tournament by both local and overseas teams.

In support of it’s objective of popularisng the 10’s format especially among ladies the tournament this year will include a competition for ladies. Further to that ensure COBRA will also be organising the Mini 10s on 9th December 2023 at the same venue.

50th COBRA 10s 2023 Tournament

COBRA Rugby Club, Malaysia’s premier rugby club in Malaysia

COBRA Rugby Club had announce the 50th COBRA 10s 2023 and also to acknowledge the sponsors of the tournament. The tournament returns to COBRA’s home ground, Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya.

It will be held on 11th and 12th November 2023 and promises another feast of excellent rugby.

The tournament will have a total of 9 teams, including 8 top foreign teams. The overseas nations represented are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. There will be some new teams in action.

The 10-a-side matches will be played in accordance with World Rugby by-laws with the ten-a-side variations of the game as adopted by Malaysian Rugby (MR).

COBRA Rugby Club, once again, has been extremely fortunate to secure corporate sponsorship to enable them to host the prestigious tournament this year.

50th COBRA 10s IJM Corporation Berhad

IJM Corporation Berhad has been an ardent supporter of the Club as well as a Main Sponsor of the COBRA 10s for more than 20 years now. They have been instrumental in ensuring that the Club is able to host the 10s every year.

“We are proud to have the COBRA 10s Rugby Tournament in our sponsorship portfolio while maintaining our support for the game at grassroots level, IJM said in a statement.

Sports is very much at the heart of IJM’s community investment initiatives and we have always championed the development of non-mainstream sports, including rugby, in Malaysia

As we are also driving wellness initiatives for our employees, we encourage them to be involved in sports activities in order to achieve a work-life balance.

With COBRA’s commitment and dedication to developing the sport to the level it is today, we hope to continue growing the sport and increasing participation at all levels.”

For more details on the COBRA 10s and the other events planned, please visit the official website

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