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Neffos X20 and X20 Pro Now Available in Malaysian Stores

Neffos X20 and X20 Pro

Neffos X20 and X20 Pro
Neffos has launched its latest flagship smartphones – the Neffos X20 and X20 Pro and available in Malaysian stores starting today.

“Dewdrop notch, dual AI camera, bigger screen and battery brings out the best of Neffos X20 and X20 Pro”

Inheriting TP-Link’s superior manufacturing technology in the Wi-Fi arena, Neffos phones use a top-tier Wi-Fi antenna design to ensure the connection strength and stability of your Wi-Fi signal.

The Neffos X20 and X20 Pro adopts the GSM Antenna Diversity Technology along with an optimized antenna design, ensuring clear, stable calling quality. Dual-band Wi-Fi brings a faster and smoother internet experience. Neffos X20 and X20 Pro will offer the same superior signal quality as previous Neffos handsets.

Launched under the campaign slogan "See the Beauty", both phones feature immersive screens with dewdrop-style display notches, gradient designs, and dual back-facing cameras enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI). The dual AI enhanced cameras will be capable of detecting faces and finding the best angles to shoot, as well as focusing on photo subject matter.

Credit Picture : Neffos X20 and Neffos X20 Pro Will Showcase at Mobile World Congress 2019

Neffos X20 and Neffos X20 Pro

The Neffos X20 will be available in Black, Blue, Red, and Aurora Purple colors, while the Neffos X20 Pro is going to be offered in Obsidian Black, Sapphire Blue, Malachite Green, and Garnet Red.

The color gradient effect on the back is achieved by using a nanocrystalline multilayer coating technique which not only looks eye-catching and distinct, but also feels nice and comfortable to the touch. Not to mention it adds some flair and draws attention to the phones' 3D curved panels.

The Neffos X20 and X20 Pro use a 13- and 5-megapixel camera setup on the back, with one of the sensors acting as a depth sensor for portrait or bokeh shots. Photo sensitivity to low lights or moving objects are easily managed as the camera will automatically enhance brightness and clarity, making your every photo memorable.

There's also AI Beauty mode for better selfies. It uses deep learning and AI to identify and enhance a person's facial features. Enabling AI Scene Recognition allows the camera to detect up to 17 different scenes and objects to automatically select the best settings for the best photos.

The Neffos X20 and X20 Pro packs 6.26-inch screens with a taller 19:9 aspect ratio for a great immersive display that makes viewing experience vividly stunning. Enjoy your favorite movies on a wide screen right at the palm of your hands or playing video games as if you are there. With the full view display capturing every detail, the X20 and X20 Pro are definitely built for entertainment.

Powering the X20 and X20 Pro, you'll find a multi-core processor with up to 4GB RAM and up to 128GB of expandable storage. There's also a generous 4,100mAh battery to offset heavier usage and get you through a day with ease.

Running multiple apps are embedded with the new NFUI 9 therefore making the X20 and X20 Pro a complete versatile smartphone.

Utilizing Neffos' own NFUI 9 software based on the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, X20 and X20 Pro will be the first devices to run the latest user interface out of the box. NFUI 9 introduces several camera-app improvements, such as an improved Bokeh Portrait, which is available on both rear and front cameras and adds background blur to an image.

The Neffos X20 and X20 Pro is now available in Malaysian stores, with the X20 currently already been booked for pre-orders priced at RM449 and the Neffos X20 Pro priced at RM599. For further information, visit

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