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PUBG MOBILE Exclusive Collaboration with Rich Brian

PUBG MOBILE Exclusive Collaboration with Rich Brian

Rich Brian PUBG Mobile
Previously enliven the stages of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South East Asia (SEA) Finals Season 2 tournament as guest star, PUBG Mobile is back with a surprise and officially announced an in-game collaboration with Rich Brian, the artist who gave us Dat $tick and 100 Degrees.

In this collaboration a Rich Brian voice pack will be released, where Brian will fill out the voice in the PUBG Mobile game.

Additionally, one of his latest singles, Love in My Pocket, will be launched in-game and can be enjoyed soon by all players and communities around the world.

With high interest from young people toward music, fashion and entertainment, PUBG Mobile aims to be involved in more and more players and communities‘ favorite fields. The selection of Rich Brian also considering his music style that perfectly matches the battle royale sensation in PUBG Mobile game, offering a sick beat and high adrenaline.

Rich Brian X PUBG Mobile

As his first time and new experience collaborating with a game, Brian expresses his excitement becoming part of the largest mobile gaming community in the world.

This tribute is the continuation of PUBG Mobile collaboration with Brian, after the success of his performance that brought immersive enjoyment to players and light up the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 competition last October.

PUBG MOBILE Exclusive Collaboration with Rich Brian

Participating in a showmatch, our internationally renowned rapper from Indonesia experienced the major breakthrough in the technology of esports events from PUBG Mobile which implemented a super first-class Virtual Reality technology, providing an online VR Studio using 720 degree shooting and a virtual MC.

Starting from this December, Rich Brian exclusive voice pack has arrived to accompany you on the battle ground in version 1.1 of PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, the music video collaboration between Rich Brian and PUBG Mobile will also be launch on DOUBLE HAPPINESS: Winter Wonder Festival, an online live music event by 88Rising music label that present a lineup performance of well-known musician, from number of artist under 88Rising, K-Pop artists and more famous Indonesian musicians.

For more information, please visit the official PUBG MOBILE accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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