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PUMA Debut All New LQD Cell series

PUMA LQD Cell series

PUMA LQD Cell series
PUMA announce they are collaborating to introduce four special-edition sneakers for both men and women.

The global sports company is bringing their 90’s hexagonal cushioning back, but has done serious updates to it for today’s athletes.

The result: a brand new technology called LQD CELL Series. The series feature LQD CELL Shatter XT, LQD CELL Shatter Luster, LQD CELL Tension and LQD CELL Optic.

PUMA LQD Cell Series

PUMA’s LQD CELL is a shock-absorbing compound that’s coupled with PUMA’s foam products in strategic locations on the foot to improve stability, softness, and absorption – overall, offering stable cushioning. Depending on the product’s needs, LQD CELL Series is mixed with PUMA’s proprietary energy-returning foams in different regions of the foot, allowing it to work in different ways, and offering various benefits to the athlete.

Designed for the bold female athlete, PUMA’s LQD CELL Shatter XT brings the heat with its unique midsole shape, its stable cushioning, alternative colors and materials.

With kicks like these it’s no wonder why Adriana Lima is shattering through every stereotype in the gym, the streets, and everywhere in between.

To be able to have a shoe that keeps me moving throughout my workout with ease is amazing. I feel like I can really go for it and conquer my performance journey when I wear the new LQD CELL Shatter. I am more than a model on a runway – I perform in the ring and in the gym, and I have the shoes to prove it,” – Adriana Lima.

Another addition to the LQD Cell series is the LQD CELL Shatter Luster. The sneaker is engineered for high intensity training with midsole shapes inspired by shattered glass. The unique strap reinforces fit during side to side movements for a tough workout or long rehearsals for Selena.

On the other hand, LQD CELL Tension, PUMA’s Performance Training Shoe for men, is a progressive silhouette engineered for dynamic training combined with a bold design and color pops for one intense trainer. When it comes to grip, LQD CELL Tension’s rubber outsole provides maximum traction and durability, ideal for high-intensity training. 

The unisex addition to the seris is called the LQD CELL Optic. Much like all the other LQD CELL sneakers by PUMA, the Optic features soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells that compress and work together with PUMA’s proprietary energy-returning foams resulting in high stability and enhanced comfort for anybody that that chooses to rock them.

With no boundaries on gender, style, or personality, LQD CELL Optic is sure to look fresh on everyone, every day. Take them to the streets, rock them in the gym, it does not matter; the possibilities are endless.

PUMA’s LQD CELL Shatter , LQD Tension, LQD CELL Shatter Luster and LQD CELL Optic are retailing at RM 429, RM429, RM449 and RM 569 respectively. LQD CELL Shatter, LQD Tension,LQD CELL Shatter Luster and LQD CELL Optic are now available on and PUMA stores nationwide.

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