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Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2016 – Registration is Open!

Run For Your Lives Malaysia
If you think you’re fit and brave enough to survive the zombie night apocalypse, lead by example and prove yourself.

It’ll be a thrilling ride but we will end the apocalypse with a countdown celebration at the safe zone. So stay alive, stay uninfected.

“The First Night version of Run For Your Lives in Malaysia” Countdown to a new beginning with a thrilling end to 2016 – an exciting game of chase with zombies and party with food, drinks, and adrenaline pumping music beats by guest DJs awaits you at Run For Your Lives Malaysia!

31st December 2016 @ Taman Botani Putrajaya.

Run For Your Lives is essentially a modified game of flag tag. The difference is that the Survivor (the runner) runs a distance of approximately 5km with Zombies (the catchers) located along the route.

There will be some simple obstacles along the route to simulate the things you need to do to overcome debris and fallen structures} in an apocalyptic world.

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Run For Your Lives is a product licensed by Action X Pte Ltd, a sports entertainment company, who aims to make exercise fun for everyone and deliver novelty sports programs.

One thought on “Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2016 – Registration is Open!

  1. I was supposed to combine RFYL 2016 & RFYL 2017 event in one video, but since the Z-Virus for RFYL 2017 has been safely contained and zombies prevented, I’m releasing this video only now. Hope you like it and it brings back some nostalgic and fun memories… or may be even some nightmarish and hair-raising ones… 😉

    Video link ~>

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