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Samaiden and JS Solar Consortium Secures RM100.00 Million Contract

Samaiden and JS Solar Consortium Secures

Samaiden Group Berhad (Samaiden), a renewable energy (“RE”) specialist principally involved in engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (“EPCC”) of solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems and power plants today announced that Samaiden Sdn Bhd (“SSB”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samaiden, with its consortium member JS Solar Sdn Bhd (“JS Solar”) have been awarded a contract valued of RM100.00 million by NUR Renewables Sdn Bhd (“NUR”) to develop a solar power plant at Kulim Hi-Tech Park (“KHTP”), Kedah.

NUR, specialises in electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and retail in Malaysia, is uniquely positioned as the sole independent power utility with exclusive rights in KHTP.

This notable project, which involves the development of a ground-mounted 50 megawatts (“MWac”) solar power plant (first phase) is to supply green energy to all customers located at KHTP. It not only demonstrates NUR’s commitment in supplying renewable energy in KHTP but also marking its first phase in the ambitious 500MWac solar project, which it plans to develop in collaboration with UEM Lestra Berhad, a green energy arm of UEM Group.

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest EPCC venture at Kulim Hi-Tech Park, a testament to our successful collaboration with JS Solar. Our ongoing dedication to expanding and diversifying our EPCC portfolio is evident in this achievement. This project is more than an engineering feat; it’s a step towards a sustainable future. It underscores our proven expertise and solidifies our unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions in the renewable energy sector.” – Ir. Chow Pui Hee, Group MD of Samaiden.


“This collaboration with Samaiden on the 50MW EPCC project will create synergy between our teams. Our joint efforts not only signify a business milestone but also reflect our shared vision for a greener, more sustainable Malaysia. Fuelled by this success, we are more energised than ever to embark on future ventures, aiming to secure and successfully execute more projects that champion sustainability in the renewable energy domain.” – Johnson Chai, Managing Director of JS Solar.

To conclude, the collaboration between Samaiden and JS Solar on this groundbreaking project at KHTP not only marks a significant advancement in renewable energy technology but also demonstrates a shared commitment to contributing to Malaysia’s sustainability goals.

Both companies remain dedicated to driving sustainable development and are poised to play a key role in shaping a greener, more resilient future for the nation.

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