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Subang Parade Holds Merdeka Fiesta to Celebrate National Day

Subang Parade

A host of family-friendly activities is being rolled out by Subang Parade, a mall owned by Hektar Real Estate Investment Trust (“Hektar REIT”), taking inspiration from the theme for the country’s National Day, “Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama”, or “Malaysian Family, Strong Together” while supporting local culture and designers.

Aptly named Subang Parade Merdeka Fiesta, held over 27-28 August and on 31 August 2022, the activities include fashion shows celebrating Malaysia’s rich Batik, Tenun and Songket traditions and showcasing homegrown talents as well as a bazaar featuring locally made and produced merchandise, local cuisine cooking demonstrations, hobby demonstrations and even a petting zoo to bring families, neighbours and friends together.

The launch of Subang Parade’s one-of-a-kind fashion show on 27 August will feature designers such as Calvin Thoo who is known for his specialization in traditional fabrics.

“Batik is Malaysia. The intricate art of making quality Malaysian batik fabric and tenun weaving remains a traditional process and the skills that are being passed on from generation to generation in family businesses and in associations must be preserved. Batik fabrics has been adopted over the generations from the Malays by the different ethnic groups in Malaysia’s multicultural society.” – Calvin Thoo

There will be a special showcase of the traditional batik and songket handmade and designed by the residents of Penjara Kelantan, a proud initiative under Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Puan Temenggong Kelantan Tunku Puan Sri Dato' Hajjah Noor Hayati binti Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj’.

Over the three days of the Subang Parade Merdeka Fiesta, there will also be a pet adoption campaign alongside a petting zoo.

There will also be tutorials and demonstrations of, among others, makeup and terrarium building. For hijabistas, there are tutorials happening on 28 and 31 August.

Dato’ Zamzani Abdul Wahab, popularly known as ‘Chef Zam’, a popular Malaysian celebrity chef, will be showcasing his culinary expertise on 31 August 2022 through several cooking demonstrations. There will also be performances by widely known artistes.

Subang Parade has been the centre for families and workers in the surrounding neighbourhoods for more than 30 years. Since then, the mall has undergone several enhancements and refurbishments to ensure that it remains on top of market trends while catering to our target market.

Subang Parade hopes to welcome everyone in a safe manner and would like all visitors to continue adhering to social distancing and having masks on at all times.

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