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TheAsianparent App Helping Asian Parents Raise Happy

TheAsianparent App Helping Asian Parents Raise Happy

TheAsianparent App Helping Asian Parents Raise Happy
TheAsianparent, Southeast Asia’s largest parenting portal with a monthly network reach of more than 25 million users, celebrated the official launch of their featured app.

Designed to support the journey of today’s Asian parents, theAsianparent app speaks to the different stages of an Asian mum’s journey – from conception to pregnancy to breastfeeding to ultimately raising happy, healthy and confident children.

Most first-time parents face their own set of questions when expecting a baby. Is having nasi lemak during my pregnancy okay? How much does the baby inside me weigh now? Maybe as heavy as a longan, guava or pomelo? Through its community, theAsianparent app offers answers to these burning questions.

“We are focused on empowering Asian parents and providing them with the tools to support their parenting journey. Through our app, we strive to bring about a sense of community and a safe space for parents who are increasingly embracing a digital lifestyle,” – Serina Sue, Deputy Country Manager of theAsianparent Malaysia.

Deputy Country Manager of theAsianparent Malaysia

Serina Sue Ibrahim sharing insights from the Digital Mums 2019 Survey

TheAsianparent App Features a Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

Designed with the needs of the Asian parent in mind, theAsianparent app features a pregnancy and baby tracker that monitors day-to-day development while providing helpful information such as symptoms to expect and precautions expecting mothers may need to take.

Even after birth, parents can continue to track their children’s milestones up to the age of six.

Decked with a comprehensive guide to food and nutrition, theAsianparent app also helps parents navigate what foods are safe to have during pregnancy and offers advice on the best nourishment for babies. The extensive list is adapted to include local food references such as nasi lemak and sirap bandung, so Malaysian mums can always be confident about the food they consume.

In addition to the supportive community forums and extensive guides and articles, theAsianparent app offers users a platform to ask medical experts and get answers to all pregnancy and parental-related concerns while learning more about medication, health and wellbeing.

Users are encouraged to pose questions on the app and interact directly with medical experts from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity and DoctorOnCallto gain a better understanding of diseases, vaccinations and even allergies that are common amongst children.

TheAsianparent App

Adding on to the excitement, app users who answer questions in the community forums or voting in polls can collect points by interacting with theAsianparent app. Users are also able to get rewarded with exciting treats by redeeming points towards ShopBack bonuses, iflix subscriptions and even Boost e-wallet credits.

In an effort to enlighten the audience present on how parents in the digital age are continuously evolving, Deputy Country Manager, Serina Sue Ibrahim shared an informative presentation on the behaviour of Malaysian digital-age mums in 2019.

The presentation highlighted that parenting sites remain one of the top sources that digital-age mums rely on for parenting help and most of them do communicate with other mums online on a regular basis. It was also revealed that 99% of Malaysian mums have some form of social media account, with the most popular platforms being Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

With increasing access to the internet and usage of social media, it is no doubt that online communities continue to be a strong support system for today’s digitally savvy parents.

Android users can download theAsianparent app from the Play Store while iOS users can download from the App Store.

For more information, check out the website at

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