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Limited Time Tony Roma’s Wagyu Feast Until 30 April 2019

Tony Roma's Wagyu Feast

Tony Roma's Wagyu Feast
Drop by any one of the 12 Tony Roma’s outlets in Malaysia between 1 March until 30 April 2019 to enjoy the restaurant’s limited-time-only Tony Roma’s Wagyu Feast menu.

We have all heard about Wagyu beef but do you know what makes it so special?

Wagyu beef is renowned for its high levels of intramuscular fat, also known as marbling, and that is exactly what gives the beef its soft texture.

Wagyu beef is also famed for its tenderness, juiciness and rich flavours, which creates an exceptional eating experience. Whether you are a first timer to Wagyu beef or you and your loved ones are already major fans of the meat, Tony Roma’s is the place to be!

Tony Roma’s Wagyu Feast Menu

Tony Roma’s Wagyu Feast menu which features four lip-smacking main entrée – the Wagyu Ribeye, Wagyu NY Strip, Wagyu Burger and the Wagyu Steak and Wild Mushroom Flatbread.

Guest who prefers a traditional steak can opt for the densely marbled and tender Wagyu Ribeye or the heartier, leaner cut Wagyu NY Strip. Both options worth RM 164.05* each comes with a choice of two side dishes.

For serious burger kakis’, try out the Wagyu Burger worth RM 55.00* which offers a slice of pure grilled Wagyu beef patty topped with delicious melted cheese, fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato and Tony Roma’s secret blend of special sauce.

If you are interested to try something new, go for Tony Roma’s Wagyu Steak and Wild Mushroom Flatbread worth RM 55.00*. This marvelous dish consists of a crisp flatbread topped with grilled Wagyu NY Strip, melted Havarti cheese, crumbled blue cheese, wild mushroom, red peppers, chives and creamy horseradish sauce.

Once you are done with your meal, wash all that mouthwatering, flavourful food down with Tony Roma’s seasonal selection of drinks – the Peach Sunset, Fruits Tale and Pomegranate Pop worth RM19.80* each.

Not feeling a drink? Try out the restaurant’s latest desserts which consist of Premium Carrot Walnut Cake filled with layers of zesty cream cheese and walnuts or the Rich Double Chocolate Treat topped with Oreo crumbles worth RM12.00* each.

*All prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), inclusive of 10% Service Charge and 6% Service Tax.

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