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#TravellingBeruang For Malaysian Children Diagnosed with Cancer

Travelling Beruang Campaign#TravellingBeruang is a campaign to raise funds and support for Malaysian children diagnosed with cancer.

This adorable #TravellingBeruang has visited various countries so far to be the eyes and ears for children with cancer who are not able to travel, and it is now available for sale on AirAsia’s flights!

All proceeds from the #TravellingBeruang will be channeled directly to MAKNA to help these underprivileged children whose families might not be able to afford the costly cancer treatments.

As one of the main sponsors for #TravellingBeruang, AirAsia would like to invite you to take part in a simple #AABCTravellingBeruang contest where 10 cuddly beruangs are up for grabs in support of this meaningful campaign.

Just follow these simple steps below:-

  1. Download the #TravellingBeruang campaign artwork attached and upload it on your Instagram account
  2. Share how you can raise awareness about children diagnosed with cancer through this cute #TravellingBeruang in your caption.
  3. Include the hashtags #TravellingBeruang #AABCTravellingBeruang and post it!

Contest ends 2nd October 2015!

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