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ViewSonic ELITE XG240R Premium Gaming Display at RM 1,089

ViewSonic Elite XG240R

ViewSonic Elite XG240R
ViewSonic ELITE is a New Gaming Sub-Brand that Introduces Premium Gaming Products; Connects with PC Hardware and Software Partners.

ViewSonic ELITE™ gaming products are specifically designed with a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, while boasting practical gamer-centric designs at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

With decades of display technology experience and heritage, ViewSonic ELITE™ will deliver next-level gaming products that fit the needs of today’s multifaceted gaming community.

ViewSonic ELITE™ launches with a pair of new gaming monitors: XG240R and XG350R-C.

The XG240R and XG350R-C are the first monitors aligned with partnered software programs that enable customizable RGB lighting capabilities.

Through partnerships with the industry’s top PC peripheral manufacturers, ViewSonic ELITE™ products allow gamers to take full control over their RGB ecosystems when using these partners’ software.

When running the software, the RGB lighting harmoniously syncs with other RGB-equipped gaming peripherals and hardware.

ViewSonic XG240R

The ViewSonic XG240R is the first 24-inch monitor under the ViewSonic ELITE sub-brand featuring customizable RGB integration. The XG240R is a highly responsive competitive gaming monitor that delivers esport tournament-level performance.

With 1080p Full HD resolution, it boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, super-fast 1ms response time and AMD FreeSyncTM anti-tearing technology, ensuring a captivating gaming experience.

ViewSonic XG350R-C

The XG350R-C 35-inch monitor is the primary ultra-wide curved gaming monitor under the it’s line. With a1800R curve, the XG350R-C features WQHD (3440×1440) resolution and comes equipped with customizable RGB lighting, as well as AMD FreeSyncTM technology to eliminate tearing.

The XG350R-C also comes with proprietary SonicExpert® sound enhancement technology, offering a completely immersive gaming experience from audio to visuals. With the 35-inch ultra-wide curved screen, the XG350R-C provides a broader field of view, ensuring gamers will never miss a thing on the screen.

Both the XG240R and XG350R-C include HDMI and DisplayPort connections, multiple USB 3.0 inputs, and built-in speakers.

The monitors were designed with ergonomic functions with stands that swivel/tilt, rotate and adjust in height, making sure gamers can spend long hours gaming comfortably.

ViewSonic ELITE™ Featured with Several Gaming Partners

They will be featured with several gaming partners at global gaming conventions; and the company will participate in community-based charity events to promote an inclusive gaming message.

They has collaborated with multiple PC component manufacturers to provide compatibility between ViewSonic ELITE™ RGB monitors and select RGB software from partners.

Affirms its commitment to the gaming community by empowering gamers with comprehensive ecosystems that give gamers control.

The ViewSonic ELITE™ XG240R is now available in Malaysia (27 February) with the following SRP in selected retail outlets:

  • Model : SRP
  • XG240R : RM 1,089
  • XG350R-C : Not Available in Malaysia

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