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Wolfe Bowart Perform For The KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF)

Wolfe Bowart Tawan Generasi Muda Dengan Teknik Old School

Wolfe Bowart Tawan Generasi Muda Dengan Teknik Old School
The KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF) seeks to challenge this new norm by presenting the Malaysian premiere of Letter’s End, the acclaimed theatre production from playwright/performer Wolfe Bowart that enchants the young – and young at heart – through a method of story-telling that is becoming rare.

In a similar vein to Bowart’s luminous LaLaLuna, which delighted audiences at last year’s Festival, Letter’s
End is a visual composition that weaves together clown theater and circus skill, stage illusion, puppetry, and
physical comedy.

The unique productions have charmed audiences of all ages in countries around the world.

In Letter’s End, a man is tasked to burn lost packages and letters in a furnace, a job he carries out
meticulously, until an old brown teddy bear falls out of a torn parcel. A memory is stirred. Soon, the man begins to open other packages and letters, and a whole wondrous world unfolds.

Letter’s End is a memorable piece steeped in charm and the joy of human interaction. Something we are in danger of forgetting in our reliance on technology to cultivate the sense of wonder, adventure and creativity in children.

I’ve always enjoyed performing for people; making people laugh. All children are naturally playful. I have an old 8mm film of me pretending to be a surgeon. I was six years old. It’s very funny and makes me laugh to this day.” – Wolfe Bowart.

Now how can one resist seeing this acclaimed playwright perform for us again in the Malaysian premiere of Letter’s End?

Letter’s End was honoured with a Helpmann Award® nomination, the Australian equivalent of the Olivier Awards, in the category of Best Touring Production, following a national tour that touched down in more than 70 metropolitan and rural venues across the country.

The UK premiere of Letter’s End took place at London’s Southbank Centre as part of the London International Mime Festival, the leading festival for contemporary visual theatre.

The London premiere led to a national tour of France, where he performed Letter’s End alongside works by physical theatre contemporaries Philippe Genty and James Thiérrée at the Festival Effervescence.

Letter’s End will be staged at the Auditorium DBKL on 30 September and 1 October. For more information about tickets and the Festival, visit

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