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KFC Spreads Joy Across Malaysia With Its New KFC Bucket Berganda

KFC Bucket Berganda Birthday Bucket for Wana

KFC Malaysia brings its Finger Lickin’ Good chicken with the nation’s favourite Crispy Tenders and the new specialty Smokey BBQ Winders to more than 12,000 people in 150 charity homes.

KFC Spreads Joy With Its New KFC Bucket Berganda

KFC Malaysia made its way to 150 charity homes to spread joy as part of its Projek Penyayang programme, which is now in its 75th year.

The programme was held at the end of April 2017; involving the distribution of the new KFC Bucket Berganda to approximately 12,000 orphans, elderly and underprivileged people in 150 homes across the nation. The restaurant chain served over 1,500 buckets to these homes as part of its mission to give back to the community.

KFC’s Projek Penyayang programme was founded in 1995 and consists of serving KFC meals every quarter to 150 homes throughout the nation. The programme has been embedded in KFC Malaysia’s core value of social responsibility for the last 22 years and has enabled the restaurant chain to bring joy to thousands of people.

As a complement to its signature bucket, the new KFC Bucket Berganda brings in an additional Finger Lickin’ Good bucket featuring fans’ favourite Crispy Tenders and the unique specialty Smokey BBQ Winders – paired with the signature KFC Cheezy Sauce.
KFC Bucket Berganda Birthday Bucket for Wana
Recently, KFC Malaysia made a surprise visit to Yayasan Chow Kit, a home that protects the rights of all at-risk children. At the visit, KFC Malaysia held a birthday party for one of the home’s recipients, Wana, who had recently shared her childhood memory of visiting KFC.

The KFC Bucket Berganda was distributed and shared among the children at the home.

The new KFC Bucket Berganda is now available at all KFC restaurants nationwide. Specially crafted for groups and gatherings with loved ones, customers can now enjoy this new offer with KFC’s Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy chicken, all in one value promotion.

From only RM37.90, this value packed promotion is good to satisfy up to four hungry tummies. For more information, please visit

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