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Academy of Esports, Iskandar Puteri Kick Off with A DOTA 2 Training Bootcamp

Academy of Esports, Iskandar Puteri DOTA 2 Training Bootcamp

Academy of Esports, Iskandar Puteri Kick Off with A DOTA 2 Training Bootcamp
The Academy of Esports (AOES), Iskandar Malaysia’s first Esports education institute, was officially opened for registration from aspiring gamers and game enthusiasts; taking the future of Esports in Malaysia a step higher.

Unveiled at an event at Makespace, Kuala Lumpur, AOES offers certification-level education and is powered by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), a key player in Iskandar Malaysia’s transformation into a regional metropolis of international standing.

We at AOES, are excited to be the first to launch Malaysia’s full-fledged professional Esports education facility, which would enable
gamers and game enthusiasts to further their career in the Esports industry

All these wouldn’t be possible without IIB’s assistance and continuous support in making our dream a success.” – Kieran Lam, CEO of Academy of Esports.

DOTA 2 Training Bootcamp

The one-of-its-kind academy will kick off with a one-week, free-of-charge DOTA 2 Training Bootcamp from October 9 to December 23.

The Bootcamp will be a prelude for would-be students of the academy to experience and learn the training routine of professional DOTA 2 players through the development of a winning mind-set of insights, inspiration, advice and tools; crucial elements that will improve their winning chances in the next tournament.

With classes from Monday to Saturday afternoon, the Bootcamp will include programmes such as Personality Test, Scrims / Skirmishes, Post-Game Analysis & Replays, MMR/PUB and a Tournament; all overseen by reputable coaches, the likes of Wilson “ShenGG” Quak, Muhammad “Groov” Yusuf and Kieran “ZergRush” Lam, along with industry experts.

As the academy offers programs that has been endorsed and recognised by experienced players and coaches, it serves as a great platform for Esports enthusiasts in terms of career pathways, giving them the opportunity to look beyond being just professional gamers.

Future students will be able to work on their gaming techniques as the bootcamp will aid them in developing soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, strategic planning, teamwork, conflict management, communication skills and many more.

The Academy of Esports, open to Malaysians as well as international students, is proudly powered by Iskandar Investment Berhad.

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