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2015- Sinar FM reinvented its brand

Sinar FM Kini Berwajah Baru!
Sinar FM the number 3 radio station in the country reinvents its brand to meet the preferences of its targeted listeners.

The newly designed content is incorporated in the stations various programme segments and popular trio, Salih Yaccob (SY), Krill and Kak Engku (KE ).

Unique programs such as Arena Rock Keras and Cetusan Hati dan Dedikasi are among Sinar FM’s products that have created identity brand of its own, and have successfully become the chosen radio Sinar FM station began its broadcast in 2004, Sinar FM playing the best music from the 80s and 90s.

Known as the no. 1 retro music station in the country which provided listeners with the ‘Best Retro Music’, Sinar FM played hits from both the local and international music scenes such as Carefree, Alleycats, Datuk Sharifah Aini, Search, KRU, Aerosmith, Queen and many others.

With the rebranding Sinar FM is set to provide listeners with a more diverse selection of music from classics to modern tunes, and content that attributes the modern Malay listener.

Sinar FM also provides listeners with current news, branded content, lifestyle, cultural and spiritual topics that are relevant for the successful, confident and forward thinking modern Malay. By incorporating these elements, this gives SINAR FM and identity of its own.

Starting 12 January 2015, Sinar FM reinvented its brand, simultaneously designing content to meet its

target demographics of listeners creating emphasis to meet today’s modern Malay lifestyle. Sinar FM

has continued to evolve in the last 10 years to meet its listener’s choice. The reinvention kicked-off with

campaign Komen Sinar, where listeners gave their feedback and music choice, through a survey. With

the feedback and results from the campaign, the team gained new insights in redesigning song choice

and content.

The new Sinar FM targets a specific group of modern Malay listeners who are single and married, while providing listeners with content that has to do with holistic well-being and values for the urban and rural listeners. The targeted listeners are individuals aged between 25 to 39 years of age.

Sinar FM has also incorporated content that contain elements of spirituality that encompass positive social values in its songs selection. This is the differentiating factor of Sinar FM as compared to other radio stations.

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