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5 Most Terrifying Photos in Nights of Fright 8!

Nights of Fright 8

5 most terrifying photos in Nights of Fright 8! Shot on the master of night portrait-vivo V25 Pro!

The scariest festival of the year-Halloween is approaching soon! It’s the best time to dress up and participate in scary festivals or parties! Are you well-prepared to embark on this spooky, dark and terrifying journey?

Dark? Wait a second! How am I supposed to take terrifying but terrific photos when the surrounding is so dark? Perhaps you would like to take a look at the 5 most terrifying photos shot on vivo V25 Pro.

pocong taken with vivo V25 Pro

This is a portrait of a pocong taken with vivo V25 Pro at Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Frights 8. With it’s 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Rear Camera, you can clearly read the gore and eerie details on this pocong’s face. vivo V25 Pro is able to deliver Super Night Portrait even in dim light.

beautiful night portrait

There are surely lots of crowd in such festivals, hence the difficulty level of taking beautiful night portrait will increase. However, with the bokeh effect, it can distinctively separate the subject from the background to create a more cinematic effect and blur out the crowd.

The combination of OIS and vivo's exclusive RAW 3.0 HDR algorithm, cater to a better noise reduction effect, balancing between warm and cool tones and restoring its real colours, offering high quality and terrific night shots.

blurry and dark photos

Can you imagine that this photo is taken inside a dark haunted house?

vivo V25 Pro can help brighten portrait images in low-light environments. Thus, say goodbye to blurry and dark photos when you take night shots with it.

Danny Koo Selfie

No companion? No worries! Just take a look at the selfie of our ambassador – Danny Koo.

vivo V25 Pro’s 32MP Selfie Camera is equipped with AI Eye Autofocus that can ensure precise focus and eye tracking to ensure the photo taken is sharp and clear.

vivo V25 Pro

Last but not least, vivo V25 Pro has this fun colour changing element! When the back of vivo V25 Pro is exposed on UV light or sunlight, it can be customized! Have a look at how creative we can get!

Now newbie can also create masterpiece even without overpriced equipment. However, be aware! There might be someone standing behind you while you are taking pictures!

Join the vivo 99 Nights in Portraits photography contest and stand a chance to win a vivo V25e and RM5,000 worth of gifts!

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