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Aaron Aziz – Ant-Man Celebrity Ambassador for Malaysia

Marvel’s Ant-Man Will Be Released in Cinemas on 16 July 2015. Leading up to the opening of the next Marvel blockbuster of 2015, Marvel’s Ant-Man, Walt Disney Studios has appointed local celebrity, Aaron Aziz, as the Ant-Man Celebrity Ambassador for Malaysia to bring the Ant-Man character and action closer to Malaysians.

Embodying a similar charisma and the positive attributes that Scott Lang, otherwise known as Ant-Man possess, Aaron Aziz has always been viewed as a positive celebrity role-model in Malaysia.

Known to be a doting and hands-on father, fans also see Aaron Aziz as a strong, persistent and yet humourous celebrity figure. Similarly in Marvel’s Ant-Man, Scott Lang is a good hearted, good humoured man who has been put into a bind because of his past. He constantly tries to make things right for his daughter Cassie, to become a real father and the hero she sees him as.

Aaron Aziz - Ant Man


A series of videos and shareable images of Aaron Aziz as Malaysia’s Celebrity Ambassador will roll out from 7 July with hashtags #AntManMY and #AntManME. In line with the theme of the movie, these videos and shareables highlight second chances and redemption and aims to inspire fans. “We are constantly looking for creative ways to connect and engage with our fans.

With Aaron Aziz as Celebrity Ambassador and the social media campaign for Marvel’s Ant-Man, we hope Malaysian fans will feel excited and inspired by the movie’s thrilling yet heartwarming plot and charismatic super hero,” said Amit Malhotra, General Manager, Studio Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Southeast Asia.

There will also be a contest to give fans a chance to watch Marvel’s Ant-Man with Aaron Aziz at the gala preview screening on 15 July, Wednesday, at GSC 1 Utama. Visit Aaron Aziz’s social media on the mechanics.

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