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AEON and AEON BIG joined hands for Gotong Royong

AEON and AEON BIG joined hands for Gotong Royong

AEON and AEON BIG joined hands for Gotong Royong
‘Lights of Love’ is a celebration of bringing people together with the meaning to help those under privileged children in need.

For this year Deepavali, Malaysian AEON Foundation (MAF) organized a ‘Gotong Royong’ at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai, Semenyih for two homes with 30 girls home and 20 boys under its patronage. The children live in homes with inadequate resources and lacking in their daily livelihood.

MAF did a made over with their homes and repairing works on their water system due to faulty pipe and sewer.

Apart from that, MAF also donated electrical appliances, new mattresses and wardrobes to make their homes a pleasant environment.

The highlight of the evening certainly brings great cheers and joy for the celebrated children.

“Ang Pows” were given to each of the children and they also received a new set of school uniforms and school shoes. MAF also donated RM 10,000 to Pertubuhan Kebajikan Yesuvin Mahligai, Semenyih, to help ease the homes daily expenditures for the children.

AEON people support local community growth, acting as good corporate citizens in serving society. Therefore, we AEON people are here today to support our local community through Gotong Royong activity, by giving back to the community,” – Tuan Haji A. Rashid Adam (MAF Committee and Director, AEON BIG (M) Sdn. Bhd)

MAF’s vision is helping children in need, as they are our future leaders. As Deepavali is approaching, MAF hopes that it will be the most memorable for the children, celebrating the joyous festive with the new look of their home.

MAF aims to continuously be involved with activities for the benefit of all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion and creed, especially children.

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