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Always-On Awareness and Education on Electrical Safety Saves Lives

Always-On Awareness and Education on Electrical Safety Saves Lives

Always-On Awareness and Education on Electrical Safety Saves Lives
Electricity plays a major role in our daily lives – it drives our modern lifestyle and powers our world. Thus, it is crucial to know how to manage it properly – and the most critical aspect is to learn about electrical safety.

Make sure that you and your family know how to handle electricity safely.

As such, Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, hosted a panel discussion to kick-start the conversation on electrical safety nationwide.

Together with its partners, the Energy Commission and The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM), this platform addressed the issue on electrical safety and the precautionary measures to avoid any possible accidents.

According to Energy Commission of Malaysia, on average there are 58 electrical accident cases occur every year in the country, with nearly 50% of the accidents resulting in deaths. The panel discussion emphasised that the safe and efficient use of electricity at home is important to minimise the risk and possible accidents.

The panel discussion encouraged users to ensure the electrical systems installed at homes are up-to- date and most importantly perform regular checks with a certified electrician. Some recommendations from our experts:

  • Never use faulty electrical appliances – make sure that all appliances have the regulatory compliance mark by SIRIM
  • Do not attempt to repair faulty electrical appliances and power points yourself – call the certified electrician to do so
  • Avoid ‘overloading’ the adaptors
  • Keep electrics (leads and appliances) away from water – water can amplify the current shock
  • Unplug the appliances when you are not using them to reduce the risk of fire

The panel concluded the discussion by providing tips and recommendation for consumers that will help mitigate electrical accidents at homes and buildings.

Another tip that was shared during the panel is the importance to invest in high quality and reliable electrical components at your homes such as the Schneider Electric’s Easy9 RCBO. The Easy9 RCBO can detect as little as 10mA electrical leakage which is a requirement by the Energy Commission to be installed in all homes.

Schneider Electric Easy9 RCBO is highly reliable and it’s priced at a price you can afford.

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