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Aneka Jaringan Awarded RM40.95 Million In Contracts For Piling And Pile Cap Works

Pang Tse Fui, Managing Director of Aneka Jaringan

Aneka Jaringan Holdings Berhad (“Aneka Jaringan” or the “Group”) is delighted to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aneka Jaringan Sdn. Bhd. has accepted a contract award from Sena Letrik (M) Sdn Bhd (“Sena Letrik”), valued at RM35 million, along with additional projects from other clients bringing the total to RM40.95 million.

In a major stride, Sena Letrik has awarded a contract to Aneka Jaringan Sdn Bhd for the value of RM35 million. The date of commencement is set for 1st September 2023 and spans 17 months.

This collaboration underscores Aneka Jaringan’s expanding reach and commitment to delivering unparalleled construction solutions.

Complementing the significant award, Perunding Manh Sdn Bhd (“Perunding Manh”) has on behalf of Scientex Park (M) Sdn Bhd, extended an additional contract, valued at RM5.95 million.

This contract consists of two phases: Phase 1 (Tower Foot Print) commencing on 21st August 2023 with a contract period of 7 months, and Phase 2 (Retail and Podium) starting on 15th October 2023 with a contract period of 6.5 months.

Together, these new contracts highlight the Group’s ability to attract diverse opportunities and maintain its commitment to quality and innovation in the construction sector.

“These contracts symbolise significant progress for Aneka Jaringan and affirm our ongoing growth and dedication to delivering unparalleled construction and engineering solutions.”

“Our team is fully equipped to undertake these projects with the utmost professionalism and quality. We aim to not only meet but also exceed the expectations of all stakeholders involved.” – Pang Tse Fui, Managing Director of Aneka Jaringan.

While the contracts will not affect the share capital or shareholding structure of Aneka Jaringan, they are projected to contribute positively to the Group’s consolidated earnings and net assets for the financial years ending 31 August 2023 (“FY2023”) and 31 August 2024 (“FY2024”).

These new engagements align with Aneka Jaringan’s ongoing commitment to sustainable profitability, stakeholder value, and excellence in construction practices that enhance the quality of urban living.

The total project value secured to date for the financial year ending 31 August 2023 is amount to RM346.8 million, further solidifying the Group’s robust positioning in both the Malaysian and Indonesian markets.

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