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Avon Launched New Brand Campaign: Watch Me Now

Avon Watch Me Now

Beauty company Avon has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Watch Me Now’ calling on people to reconsider their views of the iconic company.

Avon, which has been transforming women’s lives by doing beauty differently, has evolved its positioning to better reflect the Avon of today – an innovative, bold and inclusive beauty brand.

Launched to coincide with Avon’s 135 th birthday, ‘Watch Me Now’ is a nod to Avon’s heritage as a purpose-driven company – using the power of beauty to create opportunities for people to earn on their own terms, and support causes including domestic abuse and breast cancer for more than a century.

It celebrates the success of the underdog and highlights the unexpected and underestimated aspects of the Avon brand, its people, activism, and products – for which Avon has been granted more than 750 patents and 300 awards.

Tan Mei Yen, General Manager of Avon Cosmetics
Tan Mei Yen, General Manager of Avon Cosmetics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

‘Watch Me Now’ includes a new visual identity and update to the Avon logo, the first in decades, as well as a bolder more confident tone of voice that is more relevant for the brand’s millions of beauty advisors and customers today.

The new logo has already begun appearing on products and brochures and includes reference to the curves of the original 1930s Avon logo, with the new colour gradient based on the curves of a woman’s face.

“With a rich heritage spanning more than 40 years in Malaysia, Avon is a brand people know and love.

Today, we have much more to offer as we embark on a new chapter in our history to innovate and modernize the brand, and to harness the power of beauty to transform lives for the better.

‘Watch Me Now’ brings to life the best of what Avon has always been and repositions it proudly in a way that demonstrates we are a dynamic, bold, modern and inclusive beauty company; we are a quality brand that is relevant for all; and we lead with purpose on issues that we deeply care about, such as breast cancer and gender-based violence.

Armed with a brand refresh, we will speak about our purpose and passion in a louder and prouder way, and energize our beauty advisors and associates in a movement that enables them to stand for something and give back to communities.” – Tan Mei Yen, General Manager of Avon Cosmetics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Watch Me Now

Avon Watch Me Now

“Watch Me Now signals the start of a new chapter for Avon. Avon has been doing beauty differently for 135 years and we aren’t stopping now – we’re just getting started. We are taking what we’ve learnt over the past 135 years about the power of relationships and social selling and applying that in today’s context – using new digital tools that enable our beauty advisors to earn flexibly today across their social platforms.

We’re continuing to innovate and evolve, through investment in research, product development and people, to ensure beauty is democratic and accessible to all. We will continue to speak out, drive change and positive impact on causes that affect women globally.

The difference is that we are doing it in a more relevant, bold and confident way to Open Up Avon and grow our business.” – Angela Cretu, Avon CEO,

Angela Cretu
Angela Cretu, Avon CEO

With five million Representatives in more than 50 markets globally, Avon has been accelerating its innovation and business transformation over the past 12 months – through increased digital tools and support for Representatives, as well as new patent-led products.

Their latest innovation, Protinol TM helps to restore seven years of collagen loss in seven days and will be made available in Malaysia next year.

In Malaysia, Avon has already seen an exponential increase in digital customer transactions and with its strong network of Representatives today who are equipped with digital tools, training support and opportunities to earn, this is a testament of how the brand is well and truly relevant in the lives of women.

The Company also continues to give back to the community by supporting causes of vital importance to women such as the Avon Breast Cancer Promise that educates women about the disease, as well as strive towards raising awareness and influence positive long-term change to end Gender-Based Violence.

‘Watch Me Now’ has rolled out globally across all of Avon’s consumer touchpoints from September 2020. You can view the ‘Watch Me Now’ brand film here.

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