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Benns Chocolate Launches Single-Origin Chocolate Evoking Malaysian Flavours

Benns Chocolate Lancar Perisa Coklat Tunggal Asal Malaysia

Benns Chocolate Factory Sdn Bhd (“Benns Chocolate”), a premium Malaysian artisanal chocolatier, is pleased to launch a new line of single-source chocolates evoking and celebrating Malaysian cacao and flavours that also promotes sustainability and ethical farming.

Unveiled at Benns Chocolate Factory, Asia’s first open-concept chocolate factory and café, Benns is the artisanal chocolatier’s second generation of chocolate products that is vegan, sourced from single-estate Malaysian farms and wholly crafted in-house with a focus on healthy eating, superior taste and texture.

A premium chocolate with a competitive pricing accessible to all chocolate lovers, Benns celebrates the originality of Malaysian cacao as all beans are sourced domestically and brings forth the characteristic flavours of the Malaysian terroir.

Benns Chocolate Launches Single-Origin Chocolate

Present at the launch was YB Datuk Hajah Siti Aminah binti Aching, the Deputy Minister of Plantation and Commodities Malaysia and YBrs. Datuk Ramle Kasin, the Director General of the Malaysian Cocoa Board.

The MCB is collaborating with Benns Chocolate to support local cacao farmers while encouraging and assisting them in elevating the quality of domestic cacao beans.

“The launch of today’s Benns Malaysia Single-Origin Chocolate is an earnest celebration, a heartfelt homage to the exceptional originality of our local cacao, and an exquisite exploration of its distinctive flavours.

Benns Chocolate stands shoulder to shoulder with the Malaysian Cocoa Board in a harmonious symphony of collaboration, fortifying the foundations of our noble cacao industry. Together, we are architects of an unbroken chain, one that supports cacao farmers and crafts a sustainable future for the industry.” – Wilfred Ng, Managing Director of Benns Chocolate

Benns practises direct engagement with cacao farmers to ensure that they receive fair remuneration for their tireless efforts.

The Company also seek to elevate the lives of those who dedicate themselves to cultivating impeccable cacao beans, sharing their tales of perseverance, and inspiring a revolution in the way consumer savour and cherish chocolate.

Click for Malay VersionDiiktiraf Antarabangsa, Benns Chocolate Lancar Perisa Coklat Tunggal Asal Malaysia.

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