Boost Paving The Way For Cashless Public Transportation In Malaysia
Boost is paving the way towards digitizing and converging the way people book and buy public transport rides in Malaysia.

By partnering with KLIA Ekspres, KTM, CatchThatBus, EzCab and citycarpark, Boost makes public transport a lot more convenient, cashless, secure and easily managed from a single e-wallet.

These collaborations aim to evolve, transform and digitalise the public transport industry as well as on-street city parking to further expand the cashless ecosystem in Malaysia.

The integration between these partners allow Boost to be a single point for customers to plan all their domestic travel and on-street parking conveniently, easily and securely through their e-wallet.

“With these partnerships, we hope to connect customers to a complete experience from parking their cars and e-hailing a car ride, to taking
intercity KTM trains or even riding the KLIA Ekspres to the airport, all from one app on their smartphones.

With Boost, everyone in Malaysia is now able to travel cashless in just a few easy steps” – Christopher Tiffin, Chief Executive Officer of Boost.

Boost Paving The Way For Cashless Public Transportation In Malaysia

Through these partnerships, Boost users can now expect to easily:

  • Pay for on-street car parks within Kuala Lumpur which are managed by citycarpark and extend parking duration from within the Boost app
  • Buy bus tickets from CatchThatBus from within the Boost app
  • Buy KLIA Ekspres tickets from within the Boost app
  • Pay for KTM intercity train tickets from the KTM website using their Boost e-wallet
  • Purchase F&B from Brahims on KTM trains (ETS)
  • Pay for e-hailing rides on EzCab with their Boost app

As Boost continues to expand its merchants and partners, the step into the public transportation industry will provide a more holistic digital customer experience for millions of people on their commutes.

With over 3.2 million users to date and nearly 50,000 online and offline merchants located nationwide, Boost has revolutionized the way people transact in today’s digital world, making cashless e-wallet payment trendy.

For more information, check out the website at

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