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Che Malambo Making Their Debut at KL International Arts Festival

Che Malambo Kuala Lumpur

Che Malambo Kuala Lumpur
When people think of cultural exports from Argentina, the tango immediately comes to mind. Many do not know that the malambo is equally a feast for the senses.

Dance enthusiasts will be treated to this special traditional performance by a 12 all-male Argentinian powerhouse at the upcoming KL International Arts Festival (KLIAF).

The malambo is a dynamic blend of precision footwork, rhythmic stomping, drumming and song. At the heart of the gaucho (South American cowboy) tradition, it is performed by men only and is based entirely on rhythm – the clapping of palms and taps from the gaucho’s boots.

The malambo was brought to the global stage by renowned French choreographer and former ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas.

Che Malambo’s Gaucho Dance Party!

Direct from Argentina, Che Malambo will excite audiences with their precise footwork and rhythmic stomping, drumming of the bombos, singing and whirling boleadoras (lassoes with stones on the end). Presenting a thrilling, percussive dance and music spectacle, the company’s work celebrates the unique South American cowboy tradition of the gaucho.

Danced solely by men, the Malambo began in the 17th century as competitive duels that challenged skills of agility, strength, and dexterity. Zapeteo, their fast paced footwork, is inspired by the rhythm of galloping horses in their native Argentina.

This powerhouse all-male company of 12 gauchos is directed by French choreographer and former ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas. Che Malambo brings fiery Malambo traditions and virtuosic dancing to the contemporary stage for an exhilarating and entertaining show that is perfect for the entire family.

So for dance enthusiasts, the fiery and virtuosic Che Malambo is certainly an event not to be missed! They will be making their Asia Pacific debut at the Auditorium DBKL on 2 and 3 September 2017.

Tickets to Che Malambo and other events in the KL International Arts Festival are now on sale on its website.

Scheduled to take place throughout September 2017, the Festival will showcase more than 50 local, regional and international artists across five genres in over a dozen venues in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

For more information about the Festival and tickets, visit or email

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