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Easter Disco Skate Party @ Jaya One

Easter Disco Skate Party

The Square by Jaya One and The Blade School successfully launched its first-ever Easter Disco Skate Party, a community skating event that draws inspiration from the ’80s roller disco theme concept on 16 April 2022, 6PM-11PM.

This event encourages learning, social interaction and a sense of togetherness that is done safely following proper safety measures under the guidelines by the Ministry of Health with social distancing and mandatory wearing of masks.

The event is also in parallel to celebrating the partnership between The Square and The Blade School since December 2021 when The Square launched its Christmas Skating Nights to bring about fun experiences for the whole family.

The objective behind the collaboration is to serve as a platform to foster community connections through skating.

Open for inline and roller skaters of all ages, the Easter Disco Themed Skate Party is The Square’s maiden effort at developing its enrichment offering for families and friends to bond and explore new outdoor hobbies that could be more resilient to the pandemic’s restrictions.

In line with the collaboration, a succession of activities such as skate classes, public skate sessions, and workshops by The Blade School will follow with an aim to build a more vibrant, connected community.

“As a space championing social experiences, we wanted to create an environment for people to connect to each other through skating.

2 years into the pandemic, I believe people are interested in picking up skating as a real hobby because people can still go out and skate together, still be distanced apart enough, but still be able to talk with each other – wherewith cycling or with running, it’s hard to chat, but with skating, it’s more fluid and you have more freedom to be social,” – Charles Wong, Executive Director of Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd, the developer of The School by Jaya One.

Supported by The Blade School, a leading community of inline skaters in Malaysia, attendees took part in a host of exciting activities, including the Easter Egg Hunt and Limbo Rock – where winners can walk away with free skates and cash vouchers respectively.

Paired with great music and disco thematic, The Square and The School Level 1 was transformed into a roller disco arena for inline and roller skaters alike to enjoy an ‘egg-citing’ skate night.

Families with children seized the opportunity to spend some quality time together whilst celebrating the festive spirit with some good old-fashioned ’80s music. The Easter Disco-Themed Skate Party is a joint collaboration between The Square and The Blade School.

The Easter Disco-Themed Skate Party is a celebration of empowering, inclusive, and accessible sports for all ages, as well as to promote a skating culture amongst children, teens and adults.

learn to skate with The Blade School

Besides the Easter Disco Skate Party, The Square is open for the public to skate every Friday Night from 8PM – 11PM. Attendees will only need to bring their own skates and protective gears and register ahead of time here: .

Additionally, The Square is open for Group Session Bookings for free with at least 15 pax per booking. Interested inline or roller skate groups will only need to book their slots here:

Following the launch of the partnership, The Blade School will officially kickstart its skating lessons at The Square including Beginner and Freestyle Skating lessons from 4-6pm and 8-10pm respectively on Fridays.

Options are available to choose between private or group classes.

The Blade School will also introduce a Ladies Skate Night starting from May 2022 on every 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursday of the month. Run by instructors under the MYSKATE National Skating Accreditation program, interested students can expect to learn the basics of inline skating, such as mastering the correct posture, pushing, gliding, regrouping, and stopping on skates.

The event is supported by AEON BiG, Three Stooges Bistro, Tedboy, CK Chiropractic, Celebrity Fitness and Bo The Avocado. For more information, visit

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