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EasyStore Partnering with MOLPay to serve Southeast Asia

Following in the footsteps of China and the U.S., Southeast Asia is on the cusp of an E-commerce golden age. China is one of the most developed markets in E- commerce today and with the entrenched online shopping behavior it is arguably more developed than Western markets.

However, can the butterfly effect take place in Southeast Asia (SEA) too?
EasyStore Partnering with MOLPay
EasyStore, the Southeast Asia’s leading hosted E-commerce platform has just announced of partnering with MOLPay, Southeast Asia’s leading multi-currency payment gateway to serve the SEA small own-brand E-businesses. This partnership will first take place in Malaysia and proceed to other countries in near future.

According to EasyStore Chief Technology Officer, Chen says that 40% of E-commerce revenue comes from repeat customers, who represent only 8% of all visitors.

Therefore, he emphasizes that repeat customers are critical for the growth of small businesses.

However, there are still a big numbers of micro sellers on the social media or E-marketplaces who is doing the whole service blueprint processes manually. Begin to engage potential buyers from the typical “pm me” till the payment process, it can be hectic and out of places.

For instance, there are a lot of miscommunication and inefficiency during the payment process which often result in unsuccessful transactions. These platforms are not well-designed for growing your business brand and building loyal customers.

It solves the problems for many sellers when the two big players in E-commerce industry come hand in hand to provide an one-stop solution from website design, server hosting, to payment gateway solution.

EasyStore announced a new version with monthly subscription to all sellers in SEA in order to help as many small businesses as possible by lowering the barriers to start own-brand online store.

This includes innovative feature such as 8 Asian languages (Including English, 日本語, 한국어, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, 简体中文 and 繁體中文).

MOLPay on the other hand, give your business a reputation in terms of trust, security, and brand recognition.

  1. Sellers can now accept cash payments for online purchases. Customers can pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets (Malaysia only). This directly unravels the pain points of many e-businesses which 67% of Malaysian still prefer cash payment and potentially increase the growth of businesses by 40%.
  2. MOLPay online payment in your online store allows multi-currencies transactions with low cost. Customers can make purchases in the comfort of their own currency, which is a competitive advantage for the seller.
  3. All transactions are secure and merchants have access to 100% transparent fraud monitoring tools. This gives both sellers and buyers a peace of mind and also makes the seller more trusted.

With an online store solution like EasyStore and a payment solution like MOLPay, people in Southeast Asia can start their very own professional online business.

You don’t have to be an established business to start. Now everyone can start an E-commerce business, even from home!

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