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Win 15 Umrah Trips With Etika’s “Mari-Mari Erat” Raya Campaign

Etika Mari Mari Erat

Etika Mari-Mari Erat
Etika Sdn Bhd (“Etika”), one of the most prominent Halal beverage companies in Malaysia, will be spreading the joy of bonding and togetherness this Ramadhan by offering Umrah trips for their consumers.

As part of Etika’s “Mari-Mari Erat” Raya campaign, the contest will allow 15 winners x 2 selected individuals to embark on an all paid Umrah for two and will run from 15 May to 30 June 2019 across all participating hypermarkets and supermarkets in peninsular Malaysia.

With the arrival of Ramadan, there is an aura of peace, charity and renewed spirits surrounding the nation.

Along with Ramadhan bazaars, buka puasa gatherings and starting the preparations for Hari Raya, Ramadhan also brings in its wake, a time to reflect on the wellness of the mind and body and to make positive contributions to the community.

Etika’s Mari-Mari Erat Raya Campaign

With the Mari-Mari Erat Raya campaign, Etika aims to bring the spirit of bonding and togetherness to the community this festive season, reflecting on the importance of togetherness. Be it with family and friends or with one’s own religion.

For Etika, Mari-Mari Erat is a representation of what festivals in Malaysia spell for all – getting together with each other and partaking in the festivities as one.

In Malaysia, Ramadhan and Hari Raya are undoubtedly one of the most celebrated occasions. It is the time of the year when families and communities come together to wish each other well and relish good company. Encouraging families to bond more, Etika’s “Mari-Mari Erat” Raya campaign reflects the true spirit of the celebration.

To stand a chance to be on a Umrah trip, consumers just need to purchase any three bottles of Pepsi, Mirinda, Mirinda Mix-It, Tropicana Twister, Lipton or Calpis PET 1L or PET 1.5L in a single receipt and submit their entries and receipt details to the provided WhatsApp number, together with their full names and IC number, and retain the original receipt as proof of purchase.

They will then be in running to receive a free Umrah package for two and get the opportunity to embark on a pious pilgrimage to Mecca.

Along with an all-paid Umrah package, Etika will be boosting the morale further in the festive season by announcing consolation prizes worth RM100 Duit Raya to 250 winners.

Join in the spirit of celebration with Etika and participate today to win exciting prizes and add more joy to festivities of Ramadan and Hari Raya.

For more information about the “Mari-Mari Erat” contest, please visit

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