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Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Where Sporty Meets Sophistication

Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Galaxy Watch4 Classic, where you get the best of both worlds – super-sleek design meets overarching sporty flair. The luxurious fitness-focused smartwatch brings sophistication to your wrist and athleisure to your lifestyle like no other.

Crafted with Galaxy’s premium rotating bezel, high-end stainless steel materials and vivid screen, the refined design reflects a timeless, opulent aesthetic that’ll elevate your fashion statement in every ensemble.

Whether it’s a business meeting, sport session with friends or special dinner, a classic smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch4 Classic will always go right, blending in seamlessly. Plus, with the variety of watch faces customization options to match any preferences and events, switching from a golf course to a black tie gala in the same wrist item would be a breeze.

Apart from looking posh on the outside, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic can assist to fuel your sporting spirit with its enhanced fitness tracking features, which tracks all daily activities, steps, calories, workout routines, and even body composition in great detail.

You will get tips, reminder notifications and recommendations of various fitness programmes within the Samsung Health app for added motivation and spices to your daily routines. The Galaxy Watch4 can also manually track over 90 workouts, ranging from circuit training to kickboxing, so you can always keep track of your progress.

Wrapped with super-productive functionalities, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is an ideal on-the-go companion too. With the built-in Bixby voice command, you can do a lot without picking up your phone, such as audio note-taking with Voice Memo app, making phone calls, controlling SmartThings and more.

While you’re focused on your daily responsibilities, the timely alarms, calendar alerts of upcoming appointments and text/call notifications on the smartwatch plays a beneficial role, keeping you on tasks and connected throughout the workday.

Look good, do well and keep fit comes easier with Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

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