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Galaxy Watch4 for Women – Here’s How It’s An Absolute Advantage

Galaxy Watch4 for Women

Combining brains and beauty like never before, Galaxy Watch4 is the one for ladies, offering truly helpful health monitoring features while adding a dash of style to everyday ensemble.

From tracking your daily activities, to monitoring menstrual cycle, the Galaxy Watch4 can be your right hand wo(man) that supports your endeavors.

Take a look at the following top benefits of the Galaxy Watch4 for women:

More Than a Period Tracker

Sayonara to worries, surprises and feelings in the dark about your own reproductive health!

With the Galaxy Watch4 connected with Glow app, you can keep track of all your menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, and health information effortlessly on your wrist, and make informed decisions.

Over time when Glow learns a user’s cycle pattern, its predictions will become smarter and you can use the data to set reminder alarms for optimal time for health-related activities and take control of your reproductive health.

Stylish In Every Occasion

Galaxy Watch4

From its sleek profile to an array of fun strap colours and customizable watch faces, the Galaxy Watch4 can blend with thousands of your outfits, keeping you classy and stylish as always.

You can constantly play around with different watch face designs and colour coordination to suit your daily mood and wardrobe.

With the Galaxy Watch4, your fashion possibilities could be endless! For a more feminine appeal, get the smaller-sized models, such as 40mm or 42mm, in either pink or silver! They can never go wrong!

Smart n’ Quick SOS Prompt

Going beyond healthy and fashionable lifestyle conveniences, the smart Galaxy Watch4 doubles as a SOS signal in the event of an emergency.

In situations when you’re alone and in need of emergency assistance or feel threatened on the street, quickly press the watch’s Power key three times, and the emergency feature will help to prompt Emergency calls or SOS messages to assigned emergency contacts.

Your contacts will then be aware of your whereabouts and how to locate you immediately. Because we never know when the unthinkable can happen, it’s always best to be prepared and set up emergency contacts in advanced so the Galaxy Watch4 can be of great help when needed.

Food Diary on Your Wrist

Journaling on every snack, sip of soda and carbs you take is a great approach to becoming more mindful of your eating patterns and make healthy changes.

With the Galaxy Watch4, it is quick and convenient to record your daily food intake and calorie count on Samsung Health with just a few taps. Counting calories is said to significantly improve your chances of achieving your
desired physique.

So, if you’re interested in bodybuilding, keeping fit or losing weight, you have to leverage the potential of this tool!

Enjoy Over 90+ Workout Modes and Programmes

Have you ever experience an intense sports session, like tennis or rock climbing, but lacked the proper gear to record your achievements? With Samsung Health, you can effortlessly track over 90 variety of workout modes in detail, including yoga, endurance training, golf and more!

Simply add the fitness modes to your list of interests, set your workout schedules and manually activate the workout mode tracking on Galaxy Watch4 before you start. Your effort will be documented and you will be inspired to strive higher!

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