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Goodday Milk Debut’s the First Kurma Variant in the UHT Milk

Goodday Milk UHT Kurma

Goodday Milk UHT KurmaThis Raya, Goodday Milk is sweeping Malaysian households once again with the goodness of its new milk variant.

Being one of the fastest growing variants in the milk category, Kurma is well loved by Malaysians, and is especially significant during the Raya period.

The launch of Goodday Milk UHT Kurma is a game-changer for the milk industry in the country.

Not only is the variant the first in the UHT Milk segment in Malaysia, but the introduction of Goodday Milk UHT Kurma also marks Goodday Milk as one of the UHT milk brands with the most variants.

The mouth-watering taste of Goodday Milk UHT Kurma is formulated with real kurma extract that is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Additionally, apart from containing the similar benefits of milk, Goodday Milk UHT Kurma has added Protein to build and repair body tissues which is essential for growth development, Calcium for strong bones and teeth, as well as Vitamin A, B2, B6, D and Iodine.

The new and delicious milk product is also beneficial among Muslims as they consider Kurma as one of their Sunnah foods. Goodday Milk UHT Kurma is an excellent choice for everyone to enjoy the goodness of milk along with its great taste and exceptional nutrients all-year round.

The new Goodday Milk UHT Kurma is available in three sizes – 1L, 250ml and 200ml. The 1L and 200ml are available across major hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as provision shops.

The six-pack of 200ml can be found at major hypermarkets and supermarkets whereby the 250ml is available at convenience stores and petrol marts nationwide.

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