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Hamada Shoyu Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Hamada Shoyu Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Hamada Shoyu Celebrates 200th AnniversaryHamada Shoyu Co., Ltd., a long-standing maker of Japanese soy sauce in the Kumamoto prefecture of Kyushu, Japan and member of Heritage Foods, recently held an inauguration ceremony to celebrate its newly repaired factory, which was badly damaged by the Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.

The event also comes in conjunction with Hamada’s 200th year anniversary celebration since its founding in 1818.

Dr. Victor Fung, Group Chairman of Fung Group and owner of Heritage Foods, attended the auspicious event, along with the Hamada 7th generation family; world renowned architect Kengo Kuma, as well as several key executives from Heritage Foods and members of the media from across the region.

After a tour in the new factory, a traditional Shinto blessing ceremony took place to commemorate the completion of repairs and kickstarted the event which included a cooking performance by several famous chefs from China and Southeast Asia.

Repair and maintenance works for the 200-year-old factory proved to be a challenge for Kuma Kengo, who oversaw the factory’s redesign and renovations.

Hamada Shoyu’s Factory Renovation Project

In addition to financial and manpower issues, several Hamada Shoyu buildings were registered as Tangible Cultural Property by the Japanese Government back in 2007; extra care had to be taken to ensure its original historical designs and structure of its warehouses and brickwork-supported boilers were retained.

The factory renovation project, which was completed in early March 2019, involved extensive repairs to the building.

The original wooden structure and brickwork-supported boilers were maintained as they are key to the original traditional flavour of Hamada Shoyu sauce. In order to meet modern food safety production requirements, the factory’s water and electric facilities were also completely renovated.

Its has been making soy sauces and condiments in Kumamoto City for the past two centuries, leveraging the clear, natural mineral-rich spring water from Mount Aso to produce its high-quality premium soy sauces.

Heritage Foods will soon introduce the famous flavours of Hamada Shoyu soy sauce from Kumamoto to the world as it transfers technology to Bidor Kwong Heng, a Malaysian condiment company also under Heritage Foods brand portfolio.

Bidor Kwong Heng will have the official license to produce premium halal Hamada Shoyu soy sauces suitable for general consumption in Southeast Asia.

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